For those who do not believe in the Bible: Why don't you?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I don't believe in the Bible either, but I'm just curious as to why others don't. Ridiculous misogyny and mass murder by a petty little god are two reasons for me. (Ilovehigh-lighting)

  • wearewatchingyouman

    when read literally the first three chapters completely lack any logical cohesion... unless of course your ideology is that God is a schizo psychopath... and it only goes downhill from there...

    p.s. the highlighting makes it hard to read... kind of defeats the purpose...or does it?... very

  • Snoozy

    Because there are so many nuts running around now that claim to "Be inspired" how do I know one of them (or many) just like them didn't write the Bible? They had better drugs and smoked them legally and freely...............

    Would make sense the way it speaks ..nonsense...jumbled...can't make heads or tails what the heck they are talking about half the time and the other half you just scratch your head...

    And what's with that living to be 900 years old? Give me a break!


  • Retrovirus

    Because its about an all-powerful, loving, vengeful, jealous, ineffective God who can't tell a straight story, let alone prophesy.

  • JimmyPage

    Let's see... talking snakes... giants... animals on arks... men sleeping in fish's bellies... nope, doesn't sound like mythology to me.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I totally agree, wearewatchingyouman. It's just silly to me now. Can't believe I used to take it seriously.

    Lol...I'll try to resist my highlighting urges!

  • bohm

    very little supportive evidence, a lot of contradictory evidence. For instancef: Killing son in strange forgiveness scheme, many elements associated with mythology (eg. talking animals), attempt to explain the creation of the world and fails, noahs ark, supposed to provide moral guidance but the first half is pretty much taliban and the second half is jesus saying moral teachings allready discovered.

  • TheSilence
  • ozbrad

    What about losing your super hero powers by getting a haircut. That seems plausable not..

  • Hortensia

    If you stop just believing and start looking at things without the bias of religion, it's pretty obvious that the bible is a loose collection of ancient stories written by a bunch of different people, and reflecting their times. Fiction, in other words.

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