Watchtower falsification of its history

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  • shamus100

    What you need, JW FACTS, is a good reliable webpage with all these contradictions, falsifications, etc. Hint: Do not go to six screens of the watchtower.... ;D

    I really enjoyed how an original watchtower said that we would not see the year 2000, and in the new bound volumes, they omitted it out. Priceless! :D

  • jwfacts

    Oh no, not the monkey. I don't think you've ever ventured in on a thread of mine before.

  • steve2

    Old Goat, you will know that Judge Rutherford jumped on anything and everything critical of the churches of Christendom. He had no care for deciding what was or wasn't trivial. It was all included in his cranky, hyperbolic anti-Christendom mix. If he suspected paganism, he sniffed it out and trumpeted his 'findings'. By contrast, jwfacts is considered in his approach and open to feed back.

    BTW, like a dizzy blonde who keeps 'innocently' drawing attention to her shaply appearance, you do draw a lot of attention to your appearance as an older man. I could start a competition on who is the grumpier: you or me. But so what? Enough already; we get the picture.

    Now be a good old grumpy man and take a long nap - just don't spill the Ovaltine.

  • shamus100

    Oh no, not the monkey. I don't think you've ever ventured in on a thread of mine before.

    Be terrified...

  • cyberguy

    All I can say is OMG!

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Russell and One Faith: you have to request access from the blog owner. this replaced the old truthhitory blog. the owner took it private to avoid harassment. the research is stellar.

  • Vanderhoven7


  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Oh, and I don't drink ovaltine. Coffee, hot, black, strong.

  • sizemik
    hot, black, strong.

    They say taste in coffee has a freudian connection to taste in women . . . ??

    I'm a flat white drinker . . . but like a cappucino when I'm in town

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    A fruedian connection to taste in women? My wife, when I married her, was a skinny scandanavian. (Now she's a plump one and all that blond hair is more gray than blond.) I don't see a connection to hot, strong, black coffee - except the strong part. She was and is strong of will and blunt with her opinions. I have scars ... (Not really)

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