I exposed 3 jw's today

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  • JunkYardDog

    My brother and sister and their kids are visiting my jw dad for the weekend. So my dad the smart ass invites 2 jw elders over to preach to my family (all non jw's) . So my bro calls me on the phone, and they are argueing about the catholic church , trinity and blood. My bro puts me on speaker phone, and i change the topic to Did Jesus really choose the wts in 1918? I asked " should you not test your religion , to make sure everything they are telling you is fact? just like it says in the "truth" book pg 13. now which of you great fine upstanding ministers "WANT TO BE JUST AS HAPPY AS JESUS WAS IN 1918" by studing with me everything the wts taught from 1914-1918 as " PROPER SPRITUAL FOOD AT THE PROPER TIME". I threw them a curve ball and i worked it do death. 2 of them are in thier 70's and on about 65 yrs old. I asked how can you preach Jesus choose the WTS and you never read one book or wt printed till 1918? Then i gave a long list of false teaching till that time and kept pounding them on their ignorance. telling them they are hypocrites. they kept trying to change the subject. I told them out of the 3 of you, you have over 200 years being jw's and not one of you can back up simple wts doctrine. you all should be ashamed of your selves. too much was said for me to type it all. but after about 15-20 minutes these 2 elders left the house and my brother said they walk out fustrated that i was breaking them down. But it didn't end there my brother calls me back about an hour later and he's still going at it with my dad . And I stuck with 1918 and I kinow my dad never read any of the old wts . i was "HOW CAN YOU PREACH SOMETHING YOUR UNWILLING TO PROVE"? MY BRO AND ME WERE BEATING HIM UP SOMETHING LIKE NO TOMORROW ( keep in mind thus has been going on for cloes to 20 years) It's not over yet a few hours later my bro calls me back , and I STICK with 1918. for over an hour i keep pounding away. My dad finally admitts he will follow ther WTS EVEN IF THEY ARE LYING TO HIM. I really feel sorry for my father he know in his heart the wts is full of crap. but he amitted he will lose all of his friends if he would honesty test the wts claims. the really sad part was he was taking to a BLANKET the last 10 minutes of this conversation. I'm so sorry I didn't record the audio of these hours and put them on the internet. THANK YOU FOR READING .

  • mrsjones5

    Your father has some nerve doing that to his family.

  • JunkYardDog

    Mrs. Jones you know me from back in the day at yahoo chat room with WTURLS. So you know how I roll. I'm hoping you are well your friend.


    [email protected]!!..

    They started it..I don`t have much sympathy..


  • Glander

    If you don't expose them they will expose themselves!!

  • cptkirk

    was watching this clip the other day:


    i think we pretty much got these guys hung on their own logic at this point. probably not a good idea to make them the objects of sympathy..the facts are there. beating up on old people, just so wrong lol. beating up on young people i got no problem with though. but yea i can see where that would annoy the hell out of me (because it has happened to me before)...family invites some fire breather over and talks down to me...they think they are doing the right thing, what can you say. steam roll em, or ignore/humor them. you chose the former, maybe next time let them win, just so they dont have to go home and face their fears that they are trying so hard to run away from.

  • JunkYardDog

    i FELT like a dentist with my jw subjects straped into the chair with no novicaine (sp) and i was JUST DRILLING away at one nerve after another. listening to them screaming " i hate facts" I have known one of these jerks for over 40 years, so i don't feel sorry for making a jackass out if him . and the bullshit he told when i was a kid. someone pass me the denist drill b/c i want to expose him some more.

  • JunkYardDog
  • JunkYardDog

    round 4 i just called this 65 yr old elder and he told me to never talk to my brother ,sister mom or dad , as i was a demon of satan . I tried to to hold him down to 1918 but kept screaming on the top of lungs this is Jeh org. since this jw is BLACK i made a point that all jw's will become white. it was a rotten sCreaming match. but i feel i came out on top as I was able to answer his bible questions . and he could answer none of my questions. since I know this wt tool for maNY years i i just knock on his door this week and push him some more

  • the-illuminator81

    JYD: This JW hatred of facts seems to have spread to my wife as well. She told me that she doesn't want me to bother her with facts or evidence.

    Evidently, the truth is not backed by facts or evidence.. only our atheist, apostate lies have their basis in facts and evidence.

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