I exposed 3 jw's today

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  • nugget

    It makes me sad that when asked to choose between false religion and conditional friends or his children he would choose the organisation. It is also reprehensible that the elder would rather demonize you than answer the queries raised. Sad but not unexpected.

    Some people would rather die in ignorance than live with knowledge.

  • moshe
    Some people would rather die in ignorance than live with knowledge.

    Thank you JYD! Loved this story. I know your dad has been a real JW pain in the keester. No doubt some readers here wish they could open up a double barrel shotgun full of WT expose' stuff on their JW relatives- but for one reason or another they can't. Maybe a discussion about 1918, is someting they can manage to do.

    I have noticed that JWs duck for cover when the old literature is brought out. I have a 1920 WT mag that studies the millions now living will never die, crap- and a 1924 WT book, "the way to paradise" , that tells all JWs that in 1926 there would be no more undertakers, be-cause death is no more. JWs are scared of this stuff and don't want me to read it to them- nor do they get curious and ask to look at the pages. They just take off real fast. I had some JWs living down the street from me and a couple years ago, being a good neighbor like I am, I showed the man my 1924 WT book- tried to start a discussion- I think he was a JW dope about history- anyway- whenever I saw him I'd try to start up a talk about what I learned from this old WT book. He just refused to talk about it( I guess he didn't need to count any time?)- and when the lease was up they moved away! Imagine that.

    added- I asked this neighbor after I saw "other" JWs working my block, why he didn't talk to all his neighbors first? he had no answer- just said he was busy. JWs hunker down and avoid talking about their religion to their neighbors. I think it is , because they don't want neighbors to do a return visit on them. ( the carload of JWs parked in front of his house, while they were walking our block)

  • DesirousOfChange

    Evidently, the truth is not backed by facts or evidence..

    No, they would claim that it's FAITH.

    Actually, it's CREDULITY.

  • Free!!

    Good job!

  • Hairyhegoat

    I got the same reaction from my jw dad when I informed him about the latest generation change last year ! He said he new nothing of this and flew off the handle and all the toys came out the pram ! I was called an apostate and a screeming match followed on the phone, I just about got to say this change will be in your mags in a couple of months time as I have contacts...Then he slammed the phone down , and I haven't heard or seen off him since. What a ashole he is putting a religion over his own kids and for that matter my 4 kids aswell, his grand kids If he ever comes round here trying to convert my family he will be needed a ambulance The WT must be exposed for the break down of families. My kids have forgot what he even looks like and never ask about him now. This may be for the best though as we are planning on emigrating to Canada early next year from the UK. O'h the Uk is a sinking ship so if you can get out now...


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