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    Steven Unthank must surely be unique among individuals featured in topics on this forum. Thread after thread has detailed his alleged legal proceedings against the Watchtower Society in the Australian state of Victoria. Along with the detailed reporting, others have been saying, Who is this man? Is he who 'he' claims to be: inter alia, a current or former JW who appears to still espouse biblical Christianity and who has pursued the Watchtower Society with an untiring zeal that would put present-day JWs to shame. He wants the Watchtower Society held accountable for its refusal to comply with state laws requiring police checks and reigstration of individuals who have others' children under their care. Despite hyperbolic press releases emailed far and wide, few media have picked up the story.

    To top it off, well-known Canadian ex-JW Gary Boting has rubbished the man, even claiming

  • steve2

    To top it off, well-known Canadian ex-JW Gary Boting has rubbished the man, even claiming he doesn't even exist. Which leads me to my question: Has anyone here met Mr Unthank in the flesh? Or does anyone here personally know him e.g., was in the same congregation?

    Given that he has stirred up almost unprecedented interest and reaction, yet never posted here, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who does know him.

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    You can never unthank Mr. Unthank... ;-P

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    I have spoken with Steven Unthank several times. He is very articulate. He is well known by the Australian Bethel, as he has been troubling them for several years. I know many of the people he included in his submission intimately, and have recently confirmed with one of them that Steven's brother was involved in a judicial case in Queensland several years ago, as mentioned in the Submission.

    Although I am not qualified to comment on the legal aspects of the case, or Stevens allegatations of assault by the elders, I can vouch for Steven being a real person, with real intentions to bring the Watchtower Society to justice. The child protection laws in Victorian, and several other Australian states, do exist and are a very clever way for Steven to have approached a matter that would normally be very costly and difficult to pursue.

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    Thanks jwfacts. Based on what you say, I'd say he seems like the real thing. You are one step closer to hearing from someone who actually knows the man in person. BTW, I'll check to see if he's on Youtube?

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    Is this the Steve Unthank rapping with a pastor of some Chritian group 3 years ago? I could locate nothing more recent - which could reflect my fledgling internet search skills - but I am suprised that there is nothing more recent posted on Youtube about this man's endeavours.

    My apologies if the http doesn't work, but I am not skilled at embedding this sort of thing. Perhaps someone else can help embed it?

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    i'm sure they love being convicted by this guy...after watching that rap video...the irony is they are just as goofy as he is.

  • dgp

    I would think that the fact that the Australian government accepted something under the name of Steve Unthank is proof enough that someone by that name does exist. I would assume there is a way to verify his identity.

    Besides, whatever the merits, the case is real. The Australian government is indeed involved. In a way, I don't care if the man goes by the name of Mr. Potato. I would be more interested in the effects of the case. Incidentally, in my humble opinion, the real interest of the case lies not so much in damaging the Watchtower, but in protecting the children. If Mr. Potato filed a claim whose end results were that children would be safer than they were, how could anyone be upset? And, also, if a religious persuasion is persuaded that on no grounds can it deem itself to be above the law of Caesar, that would be the icing on the cake. It would help bring an end to misery such as that on the Yearning For Zion ranch.

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    Good point: The name doesn't matter. I would also accept a complain by a Mr Potato but not by a Mr Tomato because the latter repeats on me.

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