district convention vs. surgery...not kidding

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  • yourmomma

    reminds me of when my wife was on the phone with her boss about 45 mins before the meeting and her boss basicly had a stroke while my wife was on the phone. her husband was not home, just her young children. so my wife and I call 911, rush over there and find this women passed out on the floor with one of her kids standing there. long story short, police and paramedics came, took her to the hospital, we stayed and watched the kids until the father came home causing us to miss the meeting. at the next meeting while telling this story to an elder that asked why we were missing last meeting, he felt as though we should have let 911 handle everything and still came to the meeting. sick.

    also reminds me of when my mother was working full time like 50 hours a week, in addition to taking care of her sick mother. this caused her to miss a couple meetings. when my mother explained her situation, they asked "cant you put your mother in a home?"

    they are sicko's

  • oompa

    awwww thanks all....surgery was two hours but a breeze.....pain not so bad.....hell i went to a bday party that night in raleigh...against doctors orders to not drive for twenty four hours btw...lol...and i had a blast...i would not have even met these great friends if not for jwd!......oomps

  • ziddina


    Hey, glad to hear that the surgery went well! Sounds like you had fun at the party!!


  • OnTheWayOut

    I am glad you are okay. Sounds like Dad wants to talk to you. Maybe if you follow the guidelines in RELEASING THE BONDS; EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, Dad will come around one day. Maybe not, but he will always cave a little bit more as time goes by with occasional bursts of WT obedience.

  • talesin

    oompa! Glad you made it through, and partying already. :D

    that musta really been hurtful,, some spouses are just selfish (sorry to diss yr wife, but I know what it's like to have to face surgery alone and have some stranger drive me home after)

    take care ,,,


  • GLTirebiter

    I'm glad the surgery went well. So, you went to a JWD apostate birthday party after your wife went to the DC while you were in surgery? That sounds like payback time to me (hee hee)! I hope you had a really uplifting time at the party!

  • oompa

    hahaha....that is right tirebiter...i had not thought about it in a synopsys like that....and it was kind of a payback...she does not like to party PERIOD much less with a bunch of apostates....i was like she is doin her thing...i will do mine even if i was just operated on......oompa

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    ooopa good for you glad the surgery went well!!!

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