WTB$ joining the UN was lies all LIES I TELL YA!!!

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  • sir82

    To be even more anal....

    The WTS continues to be an NGO. An NGO is a "Non Governmental Organization". There are millions of NGOs in existence. Homeowners Associations are NGOs, Country Clubs are NGOs, Knitting clubs are NGOs....

    The incriminating part is that the WTS aligned itself as an NGO with the UN's DPI (Department of Public Information). In order to do such, a representative of the WTS had to sign a document provided by the UN promising to support the UN's aims and policies. In fact, IIRC, they had to sign such a document each year (until they broke off their relationship with the UN-DPI).

    The unfortunate thing is, to fully convey the situation, you need a few minutes to explain it all. The average JW is rather like a goldfish, with an attention span of approximately 5 seconds, so in most cases you'll lose them.

    Stating "the Watchtower joined the UN" does fit into that 5 second timeframe....however, it is demonstrably false, and making that statement undermines your credibility.

    Ultimately, the UN-WTS situation is like any of dozens of other topics....if a JW is already doubting, he's more likely to be open to listen. If the JW is not doubting already, he'll just turn off his brain and throw up his "apostate shield" and ignore you.

  • sizemik

    Thanks to Blondies links . . . and Randy's work on the subject . . .

    The Watchtowers participation in th OSCE is listed on the following link . . . just follow Randy's instructions regarding the blue icons (you can enlarge the frame by dragging it and also enlarge the documents by right-click) . . . the listings are well down the page and are numbered accordingly . . . I've just added it to the thread for posterity . . .

    Click on the link provided below and scroll down to numbers 102, 103, 248, and 314 in the blue boxes to the left of the organization's name. http://www.osce.org/documents/odihr/2006/10/21654_en.pdf

    OSCE - Wikipedia

    The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control, human rights, freedom of the press and fair elections. Most of its 3,500-plus staff are engaged in field operations, with only around 10% in its headquarters.

    The OSCE is an ad hoc organization under the United Nations Charter (Chap. VIII),and is concerned with early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation. Its 56 participating states are in Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and North America and cover most of the northern hemisphere. It was created during the Cold War era as an East-West forum.

  • shamus100

    It is a lie. A total lie.

    I'm a spy from Bethel posting in a closet. For real. ;D

  • sizemik

    Hmmmm . . .

    Some more recent participation?

    Briefing with the Special Rapporteur freedom of religion and belief

    September 21, 2006, NGO side event

    On whether she would hold another consultation with religious organizations after the one she already had with the Holy See, Ms. Asma Jahangir said that she considered as very fruitful the meeting. She also stressed the importance of communicating within the international community with actors who have particular interest in freedom of religion.

    A participant questioned her about how to build a bridge between Christians and Muslims. Ms. Asma Jahangir highlighted that frank, open and respectful dialogue would help strengthen understandings between two groups. She mentioned cases in Nigeria where an in-depth dialogue among religious prevented violence between religious groups.

    A participants raised the question of the lack of freedom of religion in Malaysia, asking how the various religious communities could get together to discuss the urgent issues in this country without official invitation. Ms. Asma Jahangir highlighted the importance of creating a democratic environment in which open discussions are guaranteed, in particular through freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

    The sixth questioner asked the personal view of Ms. Jahangir on prohibiting wearing symbols of religion, especially for minors. She stated that "people should leave the Muslim women alone." In some Muslim countries, she said, women have to wear the religions symbols and in some other countries, they don't. Therefore, Muslim women should be given the right to choose according to their preferences and based on their own belief.

    A participant introduced from the floor a report on the military conscription system in Turkey and the Republic of Korea, stressing his opposition to such a conscription system and mentioned the persecution of Jehovah's witnesses.

    Ms. Jahangir was asked to address the possible role of regional instrument in solving the religious problems. She underlined that regional institutions could indeed provide human rights education tools to fostering religious harmony. She also added that freedom of religion should be accommodated with an attitude of tolerance toward other religions.

    The last intervener gave details about the dire situation of freedom of religion and expression in Vietnam. He asked whether Ms. Jahangir had been satisfied with the answers provided by the Vietnamese authorities on the matter of religious freedom and whether she has the intention to visit Vietnam. She answered that indeed she intended to visit Viet Nam in the future.

    The chairperson wrapped up the meeting stating that freedom of religion is also closely related to the human rights of women, children and minorities. Conflict situations and clashes between religions could lead to situations of massive human rights violations, in particular against such vulnerable groups.

    The meeting on freedom of religion organized by Franciscans International and co-sponsored by Baha'I International Community was chaired by Asma Jahangir, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion and belief. The meeting took the format of an interactive dialogue between the Special Rapporteur and NGO representatives featuring questions and answers.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    So are there UN archives showing the UN membership? I noticed some Geo. Bush White House online pages archived with a bold notice that the page is not current. Would some neutral source report it?

    Anyway, a Witness is likely to believe only WT literature. They might just say new light appeared.

    NOTE: I write my posts as I type them. This is not a professional association. I do not post here for approval or celebrity. It makes me wonder what is triggering the nasty response. Worry about your own posts and sanity. No one knows who I am and it will stay that way. My posts are more than sufficient for casual, Internet usage. While I was still in law school, I started laughing all the way to the bank. One would think the WT being a cult, doctrines of Christology, and false prophecy would be the focus on the debate. You may be very nice to know but I do not know you so I don't give a damn.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    What I don't get is the 'library pass' excuse they give. Maybe I'm wrong, but can't the average person walk into one of the UN libraries and at least do research or photocopy whatever you need? I only see membership coming into play to take pubs to go.

    And why the HELL would you NEED the frigging UN library in the first place when have every goddamned library in the NYC library system at your fingertips?!??!?

  • Nobleheart

    Finding out about the UN involvement was a serious shake up to my faith in this org, which led me to research more online.

    When I presented my family with all the printed documents, they denied it saying it was all lies! You can't trust the internet. But they suggested I communicate this concern to an elder.

    After presenting my findings as originating from a study (which wasn't true), at first he denied it expressing his frustration with my exposure to 'apostate propaganda'.

    When I pursued the matter more and showed him actual copies, he finally sent me an email with a letter from the Society to the elders, which confirmed that indeed they had been registered as an NGO from 1992-2001 and had disassociated themselves after their involvement became known in an article from the Guardian.

    Even though the elder acknowledged the UN involvement, it failed to make an impression with my family. They didn't even admit they had dismissed it before as lies.

  • the-illuminator81

    Being an NGO is not a requirement to access the library. Blatant lie. There is a special LIBRARY PASS for granting people or organizations access to the libraries of the UN. You can find letters from the UN stating this at jwfacts.com

    Here is a nice quote from a statement by the UN (http://web.archive.org/web/20090126152929/http://un.org/dpi/ngosection/pdfs/watchtower.pdf)

    "By accepting association with DPI, the organization agreed to meet criteria for association, including support and respect of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes with its constituents and to a broader audience about UN activities."

    Wachtower June 1 1991, page 17:

    " ?If Christendom had sought peace with Jehovah?s King, Jesus Christ, then she would have avoided the coming flash flood.?Compare Luke 19:42-44. 10 However, she has not done so. Instead, in her quest for peace and security, she insinuates herself into the favor of the political leaders of the nations? this despite the Bible?s warning that friendship with the world is enmity with God. "

    " A recent book gives an idea when it states: ?No less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN. Several of the world?s religious leaders have visited the international organization. "

    So what was actually said in this 'recent book' ( New Genesis? Shaping a Global Spirituality by Robert Muller (1982) chapter 6) ?

    "All major world religions are accredited to the United Nations as non-governmental organizations. For example, no less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN.?"

    Conclusion: When you are an NGO, you seek peace and security from a worldly organization instead of from Jesus, thereby making yourself an enemy of God. Unless of course you are the WTS.. then it's all good.

    After the WTS became a NGO, it suddenly published positive articles about the UN, instead of condemning the organization like they used to before. See Awake! 1991 September 8 p.10 , Watchtower 1995 October 1 p.3,7, Awake! 1998 November 22 and Awake! 2000 December 8.

    Since the UN requires NGOs to support their ideals and have information programs to tell people about the UN, being an NGO forced the WTS to write these articles. The UN directly influenced what the WTS wrote in the watchtower and awake.

    Taken from jwfacts.com

  • the-illuminator81

    Band on the run: They are no longer a NGO. So calling up the UN asking if they are will get them to answer "No." They should ask if they've ever been a NGO, not if they currently are.

  • Black Sheep

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