Pregnant Jehovah Witness in bikini protest

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  • sizemik

    I know this is a bit old . . . but WTF? . . . how nuts is this?

    Pregnant Jehovah Witness in bikini protest against independent school

    A pregnant Jehovah's Witness has launched a bikini-clad protest against an independent school after it cut down the hedge that separated their properties.

    By Auslan Cramb

    2:53PM GMT 19 Mar 2009

    Naghme King, 39, staged the unusual demonstration after claiming that the head teacher had "stripped her of her assets".

    Following a long-running boundary dispute, which has involved council officials and lawyers, she took to the streets of Milton Keynes, Bucks, this week carrying placards calling for the school principal Deborah Berkin to be "a bit more loving" and to realise that "God is love".

    Mrs King, a mother-of-five who is six months pregnant, said there was nothing wrong with her bikini protest and she was merely spreading the gospel according to Jehovah.

    Some neighbours in Redland Drive, Loughton, took a less charitable view, with one remarking that local children thought she was "mad".

    Mrs King's dispute with the £10,300-a-year Grove Independent School began five years ago and according to its lawyers, the 176-pupil school has done everything possible to reach an amicable agreement over the boundary.

    The neighbours' dispute started after Mr and Mrs King complained that staff had chopped down a 6ft wide hedge that divided their six-bedroom detached home from the school.

    She said: "The hedge belonged to us and was on our property, on our land and the school chopped it down. It had no right to do this and take away our privacy." She added that they put up a wooden fence in its place, but it was also taken down.

    "Since then I have walked up and down outside the school with my placards between eight and nine o'clock every morning," said Mrs King. Her protests are timed to coincide with the arrival of parents delivering their children.

    The family is also said to have strung up an unsightly washing line visible to pupils and staff, put out bags of rubbish on the line where the hedge used to be, and played loud Salsa music directed at the principal's office.

    A neighbour who asked not to be named, said: "It all started over a hedge but now it's gone crazy. The school has tried reasoning with her but she keeps launching these incredible protests.

    "Yesterday she was pacing up and down outside wearing a witch's hat and carrying her placards with sayings from the bible on them.

    "She times her protests for when parents are dropping off their children at school. On the last occasion she was very pregnant and a strange sight to see."

    Milton Keynes Council said the rubbish dumping did not warrant legal action but environmental health officers were monitoring music levels.

    Zoe Wright, a lawyer representing the school, said it had no objection to the Kings erecting a fence, provided it was on their own land.

    Source: The Telegraph

  • WhatWasIThinking

    Bikinis aren't modest and a witch's hat is spiritism. Sounds like a crappy JW to me.

  • the-illuminator81

    In every kingdom hall, there is a crazy one present, a brother or sister so insane even the elders daren't approach..

  • moshe

    This would be a good story for weekly world news tabloid section in the Awake.

  • Black Sheep
  • MeanMrMustard

    LMAO... wait ... wait.... so there is a 39 year old annointed JW (I guess she either replaced an unfaithful one, or she is insane, according to the WT), ticked off that a school next to her home cut down her hedge, and she is protesting by walking around in a bikini and leaving underwear out on a clothes line... lol...

    That's a little too funny.... oh wait, this was back in 2009. Was this real?

  • james_woods

    I was just about to post that the thread is worthless without pictures - but then I corrected myself.

    This thread is worthless - pictures or not.

  • baltar447

    This only makes the offical latest policy of all the "new" annointed being nutcases seem accurate.

  • james_woods
    This only makes the offical latest policy of all the "new" annointed being nutcases seem accurate.

    And that policy is likely true. However, when they thought it up, they forgot to note that all the governing body are technically "new" annointed.

  • cantleave

    She's a nutjob.

    Obviously not short of a bob or two though (for the foreigners out there she's not short of cash)!

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