Pregnant Jehovah Witness in bikini protest

by sizemik 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • belbab


    This only makes the offical latest policy of all the "new" annointed being nutcases seem accurate.

    Why limit your comment to " new" annointed.? Where does one draw the line between old and new?


  • james_woods
    Why limit your comment to " new" annointed.? Where does one draw the line between old and new?

    Now, now - just because Russell believed in "colonic cleansing" and pyramid numerology pointing to Christ coming in 1914 - does that make him crazy?

    But, I agree - this bikini nutjob story is as crazy as cockroaches when the light comes on.

  • sizemik
    This thread is worthless - pictures or not.

    james . . . this thread has certainly gained value since you arrived LOL

    But I apologise for my mistake . . . I meant to post it under "humour"

  • Lore

    Bah. . . Stupid lazy reporting. How can you have a news article about a pregnant woman in a witches hat and bikini holding protest signs surrounded by garbage and dirty laundry. WITHOUT a single pictures of a pregnant woman in a witches hat and bikini holding protest signs surrounded by garbage and dirty laundry!

    What are these people paid for?

  • maninthemiddle

    from this forum post:

    As a parent from the school who witnessed all events I can tell you it was not a bikini but old underwear and a cape! The boundary hedge belongs to the school and yesterday she was wearing a rather fetching witches hat with a shower cap on top! She is scaring the children and playing her music so loud that they cannot learn. Not a very godly thing to do in my opinion. I can also assure you that she is a JW as she tries to give out the Watchtower whilst dressed in this way. Unfortunately most kids now think that JW's are mad so she's not doing much for the cause at all.
  • Violia

    property line disputes/ neighbor disputes / can get ugly. She probably hopes the school will put up a fence. If it was me, I'd put he blasted fence up myself and put some clothes on.

    too bad there are no pics.

  • Igot2bme

    Plus she is one of the annointed, it all makes sense now...She F'n nuts!!!

  • straightshooter

    After all the WTS claims that the reason for so many anointed, is because some are mentally ill. This is a perfect example.

  • cptkirk

    to me this is especially funny right now. (what is that e-witness site anyway? they are pro witness?) but listening to all these possible causes of this woman's behavior. it's giving me a great sense of freedom, knowing i see this all for what it is before where i would try to figure out how this makes sense, and thinking how bad this looks for the team...and how to figure out an explanation that will settle people. they try to set their religion up to sound reasonable, and make it sound like anything abberant has an explanation.... it's just the same as anything though, just a bunch of stupid imperfect people wandering around in the dark. the real problem for the witnesses now is that the world is passing the past the witnesses could claim a sort of superiority because of their strict disciplined behavior, and conservative that the world has structured itself a bit better(obviously with some major issues in select areas), and information is so freely available, the witnesses dont even have even 1 claim to superiority over your average civil worldly person. they are actually behind the average civil worldly person now, it's an amazing shift. but this is an example where you would hear witnesses scoff at people like this, "those poor worldly people, they need the truth". well she apparently has "the truth", now what?

    the more i think about it, they probably never even did have superiority as a whole, that was probably something i was just brain-washed with and didn't realize. was like anytime something went wrong in a worldy persons life, it was an immediate reaction, "if they had the truth, they would of avoided that". if she had "the truth" she would of avoided running around wearing a witches hat, while scantily clad in a bikini, while pregnant.

  • Violia

    property line disputes and neighbor disputes can get very ugly, even if it is a church.

    a bikini clad anointed pg woman. hey, if i have to have the anointed judge me ( in the hereafter) wouldn't it be better if it was someone who was a little Bohemian? she'd be much more liberal.

    hey st peter, could my judge be the bikini clad pg anointed woman? I really admire her courage and need all the slack I can get.

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