One step closer to freedom!

by OneDayillBeFree 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • talesin

    I loved what you said here ,,,

    My dream is to one day wake up in the morning and breath the air of freedom, freedom from this cancer I currently live in. And walk out the door with a smile on my face and feel the wind pass me bye and whisper gently in my ear that everything's going to be okay as I place my first step out into the world and never ever look back.

    Even after sooo many years out, and a truckload of problems atm,,,, I feel the same way EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.

    Keep fading, and I will be sending you some good energy,,, remember, on those difficult days, that we are here for you.


  • cyberjesus
    I feel very sorry you, young woman. You don't appear to know your own mind very well yet.
    When I was in your situation (similar), I went ON RETREAT in silence, and just talked to God about it

    And when you talked to God did he mention anything about not being judgemental? maybe the conversation got cut short.

  • shechaiyah

    Actually, judgmentalism was the primary topic on the Board when I went on retreat.

    My chiropractor gave me a homeopathic remedy for being too rigid.

    You folks think I'm way bad now, you would have run screaming if you had met me twenty years ago.

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