I'm out officially (to them)

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  • pubtruth

    Tonight I'm officially no longer an unbaptized publisher after two months of no reports. The zealous elder I have mentioned before got an earful of my thoughts and jumped on me with the guilting and about 2 hrs of studying 607 + Blood. I admitted researching and he had told me how you guys are no more than 100 resentful, lifeless, disfellowshipped people just hating on them. I attempted to not roll my eyes and bit my tongue. I endured those two hours just to convince myself even more how they are nothing more than just a horrible lie, and a joke of a religion. I'm unbound by their rules officially to them. Now I must tell this elder who isn't in my now previous congregation that I'm officially done. He was hoping to get me to go with him out in service with a nearby congo full of youth to stimulate me I tried to push away, and he would come over again to set a time. But I bet news will get to him as he has relatives in my cong. Hoping the news makes it before he stops by. I tend to lash out with honesty, he's a good friend, and it will be a big blow for him.

    Reportedly some sisters almost cried with the news, I wasn't baptized to begin with, I wouldn't be "saved"...

    (additionally I've revealed myself in my avatar, it's not of importance if they discover me, they wouldn't dare to step here.)

  • mrsjones5

    You're not baptised, they don't have an imaginary hold on you. Run free!

  • cptkirk

    what did he say to you? the entirety of people exposing the wts is 100 people? why didn't he just address what you were researching? as to show you he had the truth? instead he says they are just 100 disfellowshipped people? (sad thing is he probably really believes that too, since some other elder told it to him).

    i havent been around here long myself, although i probably off and on read the forum over the years for 5 minutes here and there. but i've heard other people on here saying that they in fact do come here, and try to finger people. although they may have been misinformed, i havent been here long enough to know one way or the other.

  • Scott77

    What a contradiction! It looks like they were treating you as if you was one of their own.

  • Honesty

    They are driven by fear.

  • sabastious

    Talk about a fanciful version of cause and effect. What's the ultimate cause of all the ruckus here? An unbaptized publisher takes a break from service and the women start crying?

    Criminy! I'm sorry that you have to deal with these maroons.


  • NewChapter

    but i've heard other people on here saying that they in fact do come here, and try to finger people. although they may have been misinformed

    Not misinformed CP. One of the members actually had elders come to her home with all of her comments, FROM THIS APOSTATE SITE, printed out. They do come here, but apparently don't have to answer for it.


  • jwfacts

    no more than 100 resentful, lifeless, disfellowshipped people just hating on them.

    An ad hominem attack is a typical response when there is no other way to provide a solid response. A couple of years ago there were statistics provided on this site and I think back then there already had been over 25,000 people members.

  • nugget

    Yes elders do come here to gain evidence I was confronted by elders who had printed out my posts and comments from this board. However in your case you are not baptised and have not given them authority over you. Leave and enjoy your life. My only word of caution is the organisation is becoming tougher on those who do not conform and if you have family still in they may feel they have to treat you as DA'd or show disapproval.

    For the record I do not hate individuals within the congregations I have a great deal of affection for many I have met. I do have issues with the leadership since they enforce doctrine that they do not believe and cause untold harm with policies that they enforce. What is remarkable is how many people are damaged by this organisation and still turn out as rational human beings.

  • allelsefails

    JWs will always attack where your info came from and never address the info itself. It is sad to see Elders you respect, friends, peers, whom you know are too smart for this nonsense. They look at you and say with their eyes "please don't push it, don't make us DF you". I was convicted of being an apostate, but privately reproved.... the stupidist thing ever. I was looking forward to an appeal committee, but you can't appeal "private reproof".

    Keep posting.


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