In a couple of days of been on the site 10 years

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  • ballistic

    In a couple of days of been on the site 10 years, am I supposed to make some profound post about something or other?

    If so, what should it be? Maybe I should thank everyone like a speech at the oscars? ... No perhaps not.

    To be honest nobody really gives a damn how long I've been posting here anyway.

    I probably will make a post of some kind to comemerate it, but don't expect I've solved any conspiracy theories or managed any break through in uniting various ex-jw classes, at least not yet...

  • mummatron

    Well, as a relative noob, it would be nice to see a post recapping your story and detailing how your outlook on life, religion, JWs etc has changed over the past 10 years.............and maybe a few words of advice or share with us something you've learned from your 'journey'.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow Ballistic I thought you had been here a lot longer than me. I passed the 10 yr mark at the end of June. But then again the forum was still pretty young at that point too so we were all pretty new

  • ballistic

    OK, well lets start here shall we?

    Here's a suprise, I was addicted to JWD until I met the posters in the flesh, JWD was never the same after my first apostfest. Obviously not completely, or I wouldnit have stayed 10 years. But actually, when you just get back from an apostfest, this place is back to being a TV screen again. Sad but true.

    Several apost fests went by and there were many UKers who left here, and I miss them all. It's weird because as you grow up as a JW and change congregations, you actually loose friends without realising it. On the other hand when you are DF, you loose them all at once, but after a few years, there are many of them you wouldn't know any way. If you lament the loss of one friend, well their work may have moved, and you stay pen pals for a year and it dwindles. (in my experience anyway). And thus it is on JWD. I've met good friends on here, and I am the worlds worst letter writer, but I do stop, sit back and think of those friends, the ones on here, the ones from various apostfests and the ones I came over to meet in America.

  • anglise

    Hi Ballistic

    Happy 10th JWN birthday to you.

    Nice to see some oldies still around.


  • cantleave

    Happy 10 anniversary.

    Do you still attend meet-ups? The one in Vauxhall on Saturday was great. Nugget and I are hoping to have another one next spring!

  • ballistic

    cantleave, I know there's a whole new bunch of UKers here, and I will definately meet up if you do anything in the south west, but the essence of what I'm saying is, you guys go for it, I still miss the old days. I'm a sad git sometimes. But I am very happy and that's the most important thing.

    Anglise, I've never met you, but you've been here a long time too. kudos

  • mouthy

    Ballistic my love!!!!!! Congratulations...10 years of unconditional LOVE to us all
    Hope it will be another 10 before you leave it...I'm a Cockney!from Dagenham..
    but married a Cunuck so am a battered old Canada. But I love Jolly ole England.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Ballistic is correct, there is a completely different breed of exjws here compared to 10 years ago.

    But that's life. Generations come and go, and people also grow and move on. Even look at posts from 18 months ago and you'll see names of posters that were once prolific, but don't post anymore.

    Not sure whether to say congratulations or commiserations to you, Ballistic. Few of the oldtimers are still around. I wish you well.

  • ballistic

    And Mouthy, you are a rock in this place, and I know I don't talk to you often, but I know you knew my friend Gadget at one time, I also know how important you are around here.

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