What's The Worst Thing About Being A Witness?

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    for me it is two things. One is having no reference in time. Since there were no "celebrations" there was nothing to say remember that xmas when we did blah blah? (of course we never did blah blah anyway). I have a hard time with time. I also have a hard time with motivation. As a witless you just did the same ol over and over. Nothing to look forward to except seeing people die horribly and then living like an automaton FOREVER. Looking forward for an eturnity of post traumatic stress. I just feel stuck getting thru each day and am glad when it's bedtime. I watch my friends vacation, camp, do stuff but I just work, take care of the animals, mow de lawn.

  • BluesBrother

    The worst thing ?

    Being B++++y wrong all those years and everybody knew it, except me!

    I felt like the man who has a wife that has been "cheating all over town" as they say in country songs, and I was the last to know .Doh!!!

  • chickpea

    the worst part was being played, duped, suckered...
    leaves a very bad taste in the mouth once one comes
    to their senses and has to look back and see what a
    patsy one has been... just doesnt sit well at all.... d'oh!

  • NomadSoul

    Having to wear suits.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Well, gee, I only get to pick ONE thing?

    Not being able to associate with those "in the World".

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    let's see I guess that would depend on my mood as to what I considered the WORST!

    For this moment - Not being able to truly think for myself


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Never being able to realize one's full potential. The religion stifles just about every creative endeavour for one reason or another.

    Also for all the talk about living with 'eternity in view', it seemed life was just filling in the days between meetings - the ALMIGHTY meetings that had to be attended. I never thought about a future, about a retirement, about a career, all for the sake of the meetings that absolutely nothing could interfere with. With no meetings in sight now, I think ahead in months and years, and it feels GOOD! (The WBTS talks out of both sides of their mouth - while saying the system's end is around the corner, they nevertheless plan years in advance when it comes to construction/land acquisition etc.)

  • NomadSoul

    Having to pass the mics.

  • Dudu

    I agree with meeting junkie nomore"" isnt about being greedy or selfish, but to really live, not only live for the future and put everything on hold ...

  • JRK

    That independent thinking is bad.


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