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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    If you blow up the image to 600% yeah I saw the face in the flames, ...yeah I saw the horns on the head. No idea WTF you saw in the manhole cover though...

    So you think there's a conspiracy? Or just an artist easing his tedius boring job at Krooklyn by having a little fun? Or just a coincidence No it CAN'T be THAT so it MUST BE THE CONSPIRACY!!

    Seriously get your meds changed...

  • maisha

    WITNESS MY FURY,,, i appreciate replies always, and thank you also, but,,

    I don't take drugs. you sound like you represent the society in some way. (GRIN)-

    You state "If you blow up ANY image large enough and look hard enough you will see shapes, faces, horns, penises etc"

    NO as a general rule you don't,,, unless they have been included in such deliberately. Disney and many Illuminati base companies have good examples of some very interesting images, ones we grew up with. The Symbolism is there for a reason. To show who controls them and to push a subtle mind control technique into the face of the general public.

    Do you know the symbols used by these groups or why they use them?.

    These WT images as mentioned are IN YOUR FACE, they are easy to see. You should check the images before commenting. Don't even need a beer beforehand. Every one i have shown see immediately the GHOSTLY FACE of FIRE behind the woman.

    It is interesting that not all artwork done by the WTBS contains such things. However these ones show some pretty amazing images.

    However the WTBS artwork contains an amazing amount of Skulls of different shapes and in places that one must say have been placed there by thought rather than by random chance. I presume that some artists are in the know and are given the jobs at key reporting times

    Check out this one in the latest MAG

    Watchtower Sept 1 2011 inside cover page showing the index.

    a picture of a congregation seated and under them the picture of a Knight Templar complete with sword studying also.

    Image refers to a translator later on however a K/T is what is being shown here, did you connect the dots? probably not..

    then,,, on the Same PAGE a strange Smokey smudged image

    on the far right centered at the bottom, turn the page onto its side, what do you see.

    If that is not a skull face what is it? complete with GLOWING EYES. The line is drawn in the back of the skull to separate the image and make it stand out.

    hard to see? NO... it stands out!.. don't need drugs, imagination or anything else.

    It is in your face...

    Why are they there.. I personally now believe that it is to show that the organization IS controlled by key members of Illuminati, that are acting on behalf what i believe to be a secret Illuminati mission to prepare a unique submissive obedient group that is easily controlled. I believe 2012 to 2015 will culminate in their plans and they will have a unique group of not just JW but others religious groups also to use for some reason.

    Interestingly Jehovah's Witnesses are the only major group of people on earth that have not had their blood played with as a group. I wonder if this has some future connotations.(radical concept) would love to explain more,,,,

    By using the artwork images,,,They show every now and then that they ARE in control by putting things in plain sight and that plans are moving forward. Art work is one such method used by the Illuminati as you may know.

    The same in the music industry, movies. They are getting bolder and bolder in showing this Illuminati symbolism. WHY?

    Maybe you should do more research, i would be more than happy to assist you...

    Now, i was a member of this group for 45 years. I did see this when i was a member but i didn't start connecting dots, but no for the past few years i have begun connecting dots and there is more than 9 of them as you mention.

    I am currently researching who built the Illuminati pyramid at C.T. Russel's Grave site. I am after the names of those that ordered it built, if anyone has this info please can you advise. If it wasn't in his will, then other members of this secret group in the know ordered its construction. please PM me.

    I would love to suggest more images if you would like to take a look...

    May peace be with you Bro.....

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    You and 20571pnt428571 should get along just swell. ...I urge you to find all his threads and post your wisdom there.

  • clarity

    Maisha ...... so sorry

    This subject on here only illicits immediate ridicule. Even by those who wouldn't ever think of being rude to anyone!

    Don't actually know what it's all about, but this subject seems to be verboten!!!

    Some posts are pretty ridiculous but sure don't stir the negative reaction as does this touchy subject!

    Don't let this discourage you from joining in on jwn. Do your researching and keep digging as there is a lot of dirt to shovel through ... to reach the gold.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I know that many reject the idea that Russel was a mason...but I still think there has to be masonic connections...just look at that big ass pyramid with the masonic symbols...pretty in your face. Kinda like the elephant in the living room.

    Heres an interesting link I found on a Catholic site http://www.catholic-forum.com/members/popestleo/russellpyramid.html

    just a wee bit of what they say:

    Within the structure, incased in a block of granite, will be a sealed metal box in which is a complete set of Karatol Scripture Studies, the Memorial Tower, and one of every tract, photographs of Pastor Russell, a copy of the Society’s charter, and many other things to interest the people who at some future date may open the pyramid and find them.

    It is expected the monument will be in place before the next Decoration Day. Any truth people desiring a chip of the stone may send postage enough to carry a piece about the size of an egg, with enough additional to pay the Society for the trouble of having it wrapped for the mail.”

    Souvenir Report of the Bible Students Convention, Pittsburgh, PA., January 2-5, 1919, page 7.

  • MrFreeze

    maisha, I see shapes that resemble faces in my wood paneling in my basement. Does that mean they were designed with the faces, or just so happen to resemble faces? Is my basement demon possessed or did the builders have some sort of conspiracy going? What is the most likely thing? The most likely thing, is usually the true thing.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    MrFreeze....OMG....you need to get out of there fast!!!!!! you have demons in your basement!!!!! were they JW builders? hee hee

    by the way maisha...you have a PM

  • mrquik

    I've been staring at the crap in my toilet lately. If I stare long enough it looks like crap. Is my colon sending me a secret message?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    mrquik...I am no expert on the subject...but I would guess that your colon IS sending you a message...it is saying..."You were full of crap...but now your not"....thats pretty deep!

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