EVIL IMAGE WHY? - WT Oct 15th 2011

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  • maisha

    Have you seen this? yes!

    Page 3, Watchtower October 15 2011.

    1/ Above and behind the head of the Africa woman who it seems is preaching, WHAT DO YOU SEE in the flames?

    2/ On the man walking with his back turned holding the hand of the woman in red,, TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT HIS HAIR,, TELL ME WHAT DO YOU SEE?.

    3/ The man hole cover that the woman with the dog is LOOKING AT,, what can you draw on that, you tell me what you see!,,

    Do you want some more?, Officially, They say these are not intentional and you need a VIVID IMAGINATION to SEE them.

    CAN YOU SEE THEM?. or am i going crazy here. My question is as others have also asked, WHY should there even be any chance of such a thing being found in this organization.

    Please tell me what you see of have i made it too easy?

  • maisha

    to check online download your copy here:


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    What drugs are you taking? ....Go back to the doctor and get your meds changed before your head explodes.

    In case you aren't aware of it the human mind is very strongly programmed to SEE human form and for facial recognition. If you blow up ANY image large enough and look hard enough you will see shapes, faces, horns, penises, small black embryos in the palm of Jesus hand if you want to look for them and see them. Place 9 DOTs in correct configurations and most people will see a human form. This is how we work.

    So the question is this: Are they actually THERE or is it just my programed mind working too hard and fooling me?

  • transhuman68

    LOL maisha. You are just pretending to be an apostate. It's all part of your evil plan to get us to download the Watchtower and read it. Did Brooklyn send you here?

    What do you see in this picture?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I see my teddy Trans.....why are you giving MY teddy away?.....bwaaaaaaahhh

  • Heaven

    transhuman68... that bear is Heiling Hitler!

  • cptkirk

    uh dots on a manhole cover? "officially they say", the wt put out an official statement regarding hidden msgs in their pictures? wow...i feel like quoting rainman right now.."are you taking any prescription medication?".

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Actually....Heaven...now you mention it....Is that a black baby boy I see in his ear?....looks remarkably like Pan as a child.....

    How could you give me such a demonic bear Trans? What sort of pagan rituals do you perform with this bear?

  • maisha

    actually i see a sexually abused teddy bear pleading for help!. Shame on you!.

  • maisha

    So, then,,, you cannot see the face in the flames,, you cannot connect dots(yea maybe)

    so then, tell me what is the symbolism representing on the guys hair as mentioned.. take a close look.

    Explain that one and then tell me who you serve!.

    5+... = 666 just imagination?

    Why put that there!

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