"We aren't qualified to think for ourselves...."

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Reading a few posts here today, a statement that was said often at Gilead came up in my head.

    "We aren't qualified to think for ourselves..."

    That statement comes on the oft quoted scripture "It doesn't not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step." Clearly, YHWH created us with this huge brain, with a capacity to learn and be curious, but alas! The only thing we are allowed to do is pick out our own food... (well....)

    I bring this up because there is a lot of people in this world who would have you believe you aren't qualified to ask. To question. To learn.

    That's why the bible was kept in Latin. You had to take their word for it for centuries, under pain of death. Once they stopped killing people for translating it into the common tounge, you could read it. Once that control mechanism was gone, what's next?

    JW's (and admittedly, most other religious leaders) claim that their leadership can only interpret the scriptures, because it is beyond you. In other words, you can't just read it and say "Hey, this contradicts other scriptures we use..." No. You need holy spirit. Special leadership. "God talks to me, not to you..." Trust me.

    Today, religions and politicians live on stupidity like parasites. To them, the issue isn't that you aren't qualified to think for yourselves, but rather, they are counting on the fact that you won't think.

    On JWN today, we are debating carbon dating dinosaur molecules, with the argument framed to discredit science. If we can eliminate that, what's left? Jesus of course!

    I am not suggesting that we turn into conspiracy theorists. Just use some common sense.

    I will single out fundamentalist religions, but seperate them from people of faith as an example.

    There is nothing wrong with a person finding personal/spiritual fulfillment with their belief in god. Believe, but be honest. (and hey, not only is it possible that your personal belief system is good enough for you, it is. Doesn't mean it's for everyone else. Ok Jesus freaks?)

    Don't sit there and bring up false dichotomies to divert attention from the weakness of your own belief system. You want to sit there and tell me Jesus wants to do business with me? Then why am I having a conversation with you instead?

    Does it really hurt when science proves a personal belief wrong? Fine. Believe all you want, just don't embarass yourself with self serving arguments that is nothing more then a diversion to keep everyone else's eye off you.

    Hey, let's pretend for a minute that dinosaur's have been secretely hiding in caves for 4000 years. (they were waiting for Jesus too) Ok. Does that prove anything about Jesus? Your religion? No.

    We live in a world where the argument isn't about a mutual finding of the facts, but for your point of view to win at all costs, facts be damned!

    You don't have to do that. Think for yourself. Be honest.

    I am not going to sit idly be in my life, or on this forum and let bullshitters get away with their bullshit. I have a life to live, so I will keep it in its place.

    So do you think everyone else should believe as you do? Don't worry. You'll get over it.

  • ziddina

    Ha, ha! GRRRREAT post, All Time Jeff!!

    [You mean the dinosaurs are all still hiding in caves??? Ever see that really tacky 1950's movie, "Beast of Hollow Mountain"???]

  • AllTimeJeff

    Can't say I have Zid. But let's face it, dinosaurs are alive in caves, and they are writing on pieces of pottery, waiting for Jesus. God just spoke in my ear....

    Trust me.

  • blondie

    Yes, I tell the people at work that the largest political party today is DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS.

  • ziddina

    Good one, Blondie!!!

    Can I use that?? Purdy pleeeze??

  • AllTimeJeff

    Sadly, it seems most people would rather believe strongly because it makes them feel better then deal with reality.

    To actually question oneself is a very uncomfortable thing. I get that. But if you don't, or won't, I can't respect you, and you don't deserve any respect either.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great post/thread. My recommendation (once again):

    'The Believing Brain' by Michael Shermer.

    Believing makes our brains feel good. Proven fact.

    Doubt makes our brains feel bad, uncertain. Proven fact.

    This is what makes the world go round.

  • garyneal



    "Some People" are just not able to think for themselves..

    If God wanted those people to think for themselves..

    He would have Given them a Brain..

    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • AllTimeJeff

    It's a tendency toward not wanting to be responsible for ourselves and our thoughts that is the real issue.

    It's so much easier to take someone else's word for it.

    Oh, and laziness. That's a problem too.

    Truthfully, god isn't the problem. I get it. I just believed unquestioningly all that I was taught. That is why I knocked on doors talking about Jehovah.

    Cause I believed without questioning, and not looking at other points of view. Tough lesson to learn. And it is very difficult to go through life, knowing (yeah, KNOWING) what I do now about people and their world view.

    It's tough to see ignorant people defend themselves out of an emotional need to be right, when instead they could, simply be honest.

    But when we fear (FEAR) different ideas, different people, then you get conservatives who believe man and dinosaur lived together, that Jesus will come... someday, sometime.

    God's fine. Your (personal) faith is awesome. Now please, keep your bullshit idea's about how "we" got here to yourself, and try hard to not insist that they be taught in (gulp) school. It's ok. I used to believe weird shit to. You CAN get over it. Now come here, give me a hug......

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