You should be able to tell someone in the hall is a pedophile because they do not say prayers.

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was talking with Flipper on the phone the other day and I mentioned that the COBE formally the PO told me that. I have been told so many stupid things in this religion when it comes to pedophiles that I never truly thought about it before and I just said it to Flipper in my conversation. He was like what? That is the stupidest thing I have heard.

    So I thought I would do a thread about it. Has anyone else heard of it.

    How it came up with the COBE and myself was that I was in trouble because I had told a mom in the hall that one of the brothers who was used all the time as a fill in for the school and who was talked about in a very positive light in the hall one elder even calling him a gentle giant in his public talk was also a level 2 sex offender on the internet. He had been a level 3 sex offender but one of the elders who has a legal background claims he helped get in dropped down to the level 2 status, not sure if that is true or not but what a thing to be proud of. This elder was very proud of it though.

    So anywho I got into huge trouble for telling this mom of a little three year old girl that he was a sex offender. I had told her not to go the elders but to just check the internet herself. Of course she would not go near the big scaring internet and went straight to the elders instead.

    The PO COBE said to me "Sister LITS the members of the congregation all know that he is a pedophile because he does not say prayers. You do not need to tell anyone." So much was going on during that time that it was just another stupid commit in the mists of so many stupid commits that the elders were telling me so where do you start but I just thought I would throw that one out to see if anyone else has heard of it.


  • sabastious

    So pedephiles only get privately reprooved, that's nice.


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    They brag about being a "clean" congegation, and are happy to have a level 3 peadophile in the KH????? WTF?????

    Oh well, gotta keep the numbers up ......MASSIVE FAIL YOU ASSWIPES GRRRRRRR

  • sizemik

    Is he a windowcleaner? . . . or a Janitor?

  • Honesty

    Every male JW who has been privately reproved for anything is prohibited from saying 'public' prayers before or after a meeting for at least a year.

    I went AWOL for about 5 or 6 months but decided to return just to see if anything had changed in the hall.

    The PO asked me to say the opening prayer and replaced me with the brother who was supposed to read the Witchtower.

    I said the prayer and read the Witchtower. but didn't think too much about it until later.

    The 'brothers' did that so the rest of the congregation would know that I was still in 'good' standing in the cult.

  • diamondiiz

    I was inactive most of my dub life, missed many meetings due to shift work and they never asked me to say a prayer. I was in good standing all that time other than I didn't go recruiting and lack of meeting attendance. So the prayer thing is indication of nothing.

  • WontLeave

    Hey, I can't say prayers, because I'm "marked". I also am not allowed to meet for service unless there's an elder there, because I can't be trusted to toe the Watchtower line. That's called "special shepherding". The elders were at a loss as to what to do about me, so the branch told them to treat me like a sex criminal until I get my idolatry in gear. I already told them I don't appreciate being treated like a pedophile or rapist, just because I refuse to accept the Watchtower as the new and improved Bible. They were quite surprised that I knew what "special shepherding" was and when it was used; even more so when I explained to them their new elders' book talks about it. Since I'd gotten a PDF before they'd gotten their copy, they were extremely upset and wanted to know where I got it. I told them all that is done in darkness will be brought to light.

  • flipper

    WONTLEAVE- I like the way you think ! You absolutely rock my friend.

    DIAMOND DIZ- I think the not saying prayer thing IS an indication of something- not just nothing. When I was reinstated after 4 years out I had to wait at least a year before I was asked to say prayer. It might be whether or not a congregation has enough male bodies available to say prayers. If it's a big congregation perhaps some are overlooked due to many available " prayer givers ". I remember some male JW's not being asked to pray due to inactivity in field service or if some had personal problems they may have been privately counseled for -many times those ones would not give prayers. So from what I saw in congregations I was attending it was always SOME reason a brother wouldn't give prayers.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- It's absolutely ridiculous as we discussed that the P.O. would assume congregation members would KNOW a guy was a pedophile just because he didn't say prayer in the congrgation. As some here mentioned - there are MANY reasons someone might not give prayer. Either being overlooked due to many other brothers available , maybe a secret " masturbation " habit thus receiving private counsel, perhaps a excessive drinking problem, someone hanging out with alleged " bad association " hitting nightclubs regularly- I mean I heard of MANY different reasons why men weren't asked to pray - thus one reason I thought the comment the P.O. made to you was so ridiculously lame. I mean- If it was that " all males not giving prayers " are considered pedophiles - the congregation members would all be paranoid checking out the brothers who never gave prayers ! That's right- I forget they are all paranoid anyway ! LOL ! So maybe they would stare at non-prayer giving brothers. It's such a crazy, weird organization - I swear

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I love it WontLeave when you told them 'all that is done in darkness will be brought to light."

    Great come back.


  • stillin

    I do not represent the congregation in prayer but I am not a pedophile. Your COBOE has not stated correctly. Incidentally, I am not a sister either. Who am I?

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