I have decided that I am a now a "No-Hova Witness", how about you?

by Wasanelder Once 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I've had so called Christians threatening me with a variety of nasty gods all of my life. It was quite a relief to work out that it was just a scam.

    I'll join up with the No-Hova Witnesses any day, as long as I don't have to tithe, believe something, show up for something, or give up a 'vice'.



  • ambersun

    Thanks Wasanelder Once. It constantly puzzles and amazes me that my highly intelligent and otherwise sensible mother and sisters seem unable to see through the scam despite the fact we are still all here in this old system, with ridiculous excuses from HQ that 'New Light' has shown that the generation is 'evidently' an overlapping one.

    My mother seems to have conveniently forgotten how close the 'end' was back in the 1960s, hence the need for me and my siblings to give up all career dreams and pioneer. No, I am afraid you could take the sisters behind the scenes and give them complete access to all the things brothers have access to, but if their minds are closed it will make no difference at all, unfortunately. Yet, if a sister has an open, enquiring mind, she will not be able to stop herself looking into things in her own way as I did.

    Today we have the internet with this wonderful site and others like it, which were not around 40 years ago but it didn't stop me from finding out the truth about The Truth.

    So, come on you sisters, the facts are all here for you to read. Wake up to reality!!

  • sizemik

    Sorry . . . I'd love to join the Nohovah's Witnesses . . . but I'm already on the Gubberning Buddies of the WashTowel Babble and Crap Society

  • punkofnice

    I went from JW (born-in) to Christian (Born again) to unsure back to Born again.

    Suddenly last week, it hit me that God might just have been my imaginary friend and religion a group/peer/tribal/cultural ritual.

    There have been some lovely Christians praying and rooting for me but it all seems a bit unrealistic this week.

    Why didn't god answer? .....God not answering prayers..........and when he seems to you can put it down to coincidence or getting off your OWN butt and working it out yourself.

    NoHovah, No problem!

  • Morbidzbaby
    NoHovah, No problem!

    ROFL! Awesome!

    I've described myself as agnostic/Atheist for some time now. I don't believe in "a" god as much as I believe that "all things are god". I don't believe in some invisible sky daddy that I have to worship in order to keep from pissing him off. But I do believe in a "force" (not really Star Wars-ish, but scientific) or energy that is in everything. I think eventually, it will all be explained in a scientific manner.

  • AGuest

    Ummmm... can a believer (just not in JE-hova)... be a NO-hova Witness? 'Cause that's where I would fit it.

    Peace to you all!

    SA, on her own... and waiting to see if her membership will be "approved" (although, if she has to take some silly public vow pledging her allegiance to some "Society" of No-Hova's Witnesses, she'll just have to pass)

  • Quarterback

    I've heard of the No-Hova's beleif. It's membership is growing.

    Aren't they the ones that demand to wear hats on their Driver's Licence Pictures?

  • OnTheWayOut
    Now I see that God is a concept, to quote a Beatle. I'm willing to join the ranks of the declared unbelievers.

    Welcome to the ranks.

    Remember, we don't meet for our non-worship. To fully join, find something enjoyable to do on weekends and don't pray to the nonexistent one before eating.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Way to go NoHos!

  • Violia

    to quote my dad, " It's just a a hope, it is not real". Wish I had listened to my Dad.

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