I have decided that I am a now a "No-Hova Witness", how about you?

by Wasanelder Once 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Glander

    Wasan. Great brand name, complete with short form!. It's a little more definitive than XJW, I think a lot of XJWs would maybe NOT embrace the No-Ho, which is fine and dandy. But as the song says"

    "...but as for me..

    ..I'll live eternally...

    ...in my integrity...

    ..as a mofo no-ho..."

  • Velour

    After being baptized from 15-25 and pioneering 5 of those years, I left a year ago. I'm an atheist myself.

    I agree that "sisters" coming out of that organization is nothing to worry about. The fact that information is kept from us was a major reason I left. I was really discouraged and hurt that when I started to read books outside of the WT literature, I was counseled and warned like I was talking to a demon. It made me afraid for the first time that I was being brainwashed by the WT. The repetition of information at meetings, assemblies, etc. so utterly and entirely failed to give my mind stimulation and showed how mentally numb the people around me were, brainless sponges. After having been a pioneer, I realized that I couldn't go any further in the organization. I would have to marry before I could go to bethel, be a missionary, or travel within the organization. I've a mild personality but this realization really damaged my sense of pride, self esteem, and secret sense of independence. Also, the "brothers" that WERE moving up in the organization were weird. The ones that weren't, had so many "sisters" after them that, while they were good JW, they were douchebag boyfriends because they didn't have to try much. I only met 1 "eligible and good brother" out of thousands that was interesting and intelliegent. My wanting to be a good servant to jehoober actually lead to me leaving. I wanted to be excited to serve. I wanted to do more by myself for jehoober but when I had reached the pinnacle, I realized I wanted more than this organization could ever offer me.

  • ziddina

    Mee! MeeeeeeeEEE!! I'm a "No-Hova" too!!

  • kazar

    I'm an atheist but please count me in the No Hovas.

    Sizmik - your response was very funny!

  • ziddina

    Hey, Kazar...

    I'm an atheist too... Which, come to think of it, AUTOMATICALLY makes one a "No-Hovah" - a "No-DeeYahTee" Hovah, for that matter...

  • AGuest

    Hmmmm. I'm guessing the silence means my app for "No-Hovaism" was rejected? Was it because I couldn't answer all of the questions in the No-Hova's "Organization" Book (i.e., "In what year did mankind discover that the earth really WAS round... and what took them so long?"). Wait, no, I know: it was because I refused to take the pertinent vow of No-Hovahness (i.e., "I hearby renounce all other gods, wait... ALL gods... includng The True God, etc. etc."...), wasn't it?

    Aww, dang.

    Well, you know... if you don't let me in, all you've really done is formed yet another cult where only those who [don't] believe like you [don't] believe are welcome. Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

    Peace, though.

    SA, on her own... wondering if maybe she can appeal to the [Governing Body of the] No-Hova's Witnesses... or their flunk... ummmm, appointees -

  • exwhyzee

    Most everything has gone wireless and paperless these days. Why not become an enlarged Apostate and go Hovaless while you're at it ?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm a No-hovah Wiccan

  • startingover

    Thanks wasa! I am going to start using that name too. Atheist comes on a bit strong for many I've discovered, No-Hova really descirbes the position many of us are in, still connected but totally without belief.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    AGuest: My apologies for not getting back but I was studying the inside of my eyelids. I tend to do a lot of extra studying these days. You needn't study for questions, they don't have answers anyway. You needn't send money, there's no one to spend it to. You do need to donate though, into a bank account of your own making for any purpose other than a religious organization. Baptism is by sprinkling a little mountain dew or beverage of your choice into a glass and saying, "there's no place like home." Go and be blessed.

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