How long into the future do you feel it will take before the majority of mankind give up on "God" to solve their problems?

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  • metatron

    You need to think about how long before technology makes religion obsolete.

    Fix two things - antiaging and cheap energy - and you've got it. At some point, I see the Internet emerging as the practical equivalent of a pantheistic "God" - one that can tell you anything you want, advise you on any problem and sustain your existence by technological means.


  • the-illuminator81

    I think it will be quicker than you think, i would say within a 100 years there will be less then 10% theists.

  • simon17

    100 years is quite short as there are still a ton of religious believers and tradition is stronger than you think. But with the recent technological advances that allow free movement of thoughts and ideas, theism will certainly be trending sharply downward over the next 1000 years, should humans make it that far. Short term, humans are in a pretty difficult position actually. Nationalism, conflict of religions, resource depletion, exponential population growth and demand, global climate change, etc are all going to be massive challenges and humans may struggle or may never get the answers so believe in God to rescue us from these dilemmas will not likely change.

    Also death is a big obstacle. As long as people realize there life is about to end, they are going to look for something else.

  • WTWizard

    Ever since people have been able to think, there has always been a group that tries to use this to scam people into wasting their whole lives, often donating huge amounts of money, for some salvation. This predates Christianity.

    Until the Rothschilds or similar group manages to totally and absolutely enslave all mankind, this is going to continue. Only when no one has the freedom to worship any god will they stop believing in a god that is willing to save them--and, at that point, justice is going to be such an alien concept that no one will ever have any sense of what it would be like.

  • Awen

    I think it will be 50 years or less considering the rate at which natural resources are being depleted.

    Then many will lose faith in God (no matter their religion) because everyone expects God to solve their problems for them, rather than being proactive and taking responsibility for their own actions.

    This kind of thinking is rampant in Watchtower Land (wait on Jehovah) and seems to be quite prevalent in the secular community as well (Our government will fix it). The thing is businesses react to supply and demand. If the majority of people on this planet rallied for renewable energy sources and stopped using non-renewable, things would change. As it sits right now though it easier for many to ignore the problem because it's an inconvenience to them and supposedly "out of their hands."

    Although I do hope that it comes sooner in light of Revelation 11:18 "He will bring to ruin, those ruining the Earth". Which seems to be a promise of destruction of those by God who choose to purposely destroy those who willfully harm our beautiful planet for the sake of their own greed.

    Peace and Love,

    Awen (Morgan)

  • cptkirk

    i think you're right within 50 years awen. there are enough (although not that many) public figures who think rationally, and really shed light on the level of bs out there. sometimes it takes time for it to sink in. reminds me of the old tv show mash. when it was first released nobody watched it, and it was on the bottom of the ratings list. they were going to cancel it. then all of the sudden people started watching it and getting attached to it after it had been on for a while, and they had seen everything else. after a few years of course it went to #1, and then finally the final episode to this day is still the #1 tv watched television program ever. but the point being, the answer can be sitting there, nobody cares, then all of the sudden it's like a firestorm. that seems to me what will happen over the next 50 years, rather than thousands.


    This earth will not last forever so ultimately, as a race we are doomed. Any assistance from the gods can only be a temporary measure.

    Jws think that their god will come and solve the world’s problems including theirs. Whereas most religious people of various persuasions are looking forward to surrendering the mortal coil and escaping earth to live in a different dimension called heaven.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then I have enemies to slay and garden to tend to.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Mankind has already given up on God to solve the problems. Take the Muslims, Jews, and Christians out and you have quite a few people who don't believe in a single God. Go back and look at all of them and see which ones really live as if God is going to solve the problem.

    There's some serious cognitive dissonance going on where people dismiss the facts that they believe in Science and evolution, they believe God doesn't interfere, yet they don't SAY so directly. They live as if the God they believe in doesn't exist, yet deny such.

    I say those not waiting for God/not expecting Him are already over 50% of mankind.

  • leavingwt

    In Sweden, Church is For Unbelievers

    Nearly three-quarters of Sweden ’s population of 9.4 million continue to belong to what was long the official state church of this Nordic nation, according to a recent survey. Yet only 15 percent of the members say they believe in Jesus, and an equal percentage do not even believe that God exists.

    The survey – conducted over the past year by the Church of Sweden – found, moreover, that only about 400,000 of the roughly 6.6 million church members attend church services at least once a month.

    . . .

  • shepherd

    The majority of humankind has already given up on 'God' to solve their problems. Next stop is to work on those who still hold on to this illusion, but I can't see it being longer than a decade or two before there are less than 10% that have more than a nominal cultural belief.

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