How long into the future do you feel it will take before the majority of mankind give up on "God" to solve their problems?

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  • StoneWall

    I mean the above question out of sincerity and honesty and not trying to belittle anyones beliefs or lack there of.

    My point is if Armageddon don't happen or the Rapture within the next 1000 years or so, how long will man keep holding out hope for a divine being, whether it be Jesus, Jehovah, Allah or "fill in the blank" to come and solve all the problems?

    Do you feel that there is a timetable of any sort?

    If God hasn't manifested himself/herself/itself in say 5000 years from now to all mankind, do you think the majority at that time will still be clinging to a belief in a higher power if nothing at all has changed as far as their "appearing,coming, calling us to them etc."?

    In history we can read where others really "believed" in Thor,Zeus,Odin,Ra, Isis etc. Even to the point of willing to die in their name.

    Now we may find that laughable or scoff or even ridicule their beliefs but it "evidently" took less than 7000 years for the majority of mankind to lose faith,trust,belief in them.

    So what say you? What do you feel would be an appropriate timeframe "if" nothing happens that humans would come to the conclusion that no matter how we got here, that we're on our own?

  • dinah

    I think you are right about the 5,000 year part...............

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I think one day people will marvel that we pre intelligence beings actually believed in these jehovah/Allah characters.

    It may be second only to disbelief once held in Zeus etc.

    maybe another 2000 years or so should do it. Although jehovah will have gone by the wayside, the future humanity/cybernetic race will no doubt call on some other invented divinity that perhaps even had its infancy in our scientific time to save them from new percieved woes.

    by then i hope they dig up whats left of my bones and transmogrify them back to life...


  • Tralfamadorian

    It's highly possible that we, as a species, may not survive that long. Many species have perished and human beings are no more relavent than any other thing in existence just because we possess reason and logic. Especially considering that we apply our reason and logic in decidedly unreasonable and illogical ways.

    If it doesn't come to that, it will depend upon the mass waking up and smelling the coffee and actually learning from history. It's not great people like our leaders who need to learn from history, it's the mass of people who need to learn that it's the minority of extremely wealthy and powerful who create false systems like a money-backed-by-nothing economy and their butt buddy, religion who fills the role of extending 'hope' to obtain willing co-operation from the very mass of humanity whos vital energy they rob to sustain their extravagance.

    People need to learn that you're born, you live, you die. Do right because it's right without basing those actions on something they hope the unknown will be.

    At this point in my life I don't really care. Either way is fine. Let mankind die off the earth and make way for the animals to have their chance at 'humanity.' We've botched it royally. Surely the planet would breathe a sigh of relief if we were gone. We are irrelevant to the survival of all other species. We wont be missed.

  • garyneal

    I've pondered that question myself. I recall back in the 1990's with all the predictions that Christ will return before the end of the millineum. Now the new millineum is here, now what? We wait until the generation who saw Jerusalem become a nation again in 1948 begin to die off? For the witnesses, their similar 1914 doctrine is already showing signs of age and has become overlapping.

    I guess it depends on where mankind is at in terms of how society evolves. If something snaps us back into the 19th century (which is simple enough to do, just cut out electrical power) or earlier, man will regress.

  • steve2

    Never underestimate the protective seduction of handing your problems over to a more powerful being, preferably one who is invisible and doesn't directly answer prayers. If you'd been around in the first few centuries of the Common Era, would you have believed that the "Christian" world could possibly still be in the grip of a millenialist mindset some 2,000 years later? No. Your dominant belief would have been, Christ will be here soon. The end is near.

    Richard Dawkins once commented that, from a rational point of view you'd expect that the developed world would now be less religious and more inclined to say, "We're It", but in some ways the developed world seems more intent on promoting belief in an all powerful godand more gripped by ancient fairy stories.

  • smiddy

    It`s been about 2000 yrs since the christian god has had any dealings with humans,via angels,visions,revelations,inspired utterances,prophecys,etc.etc. if you beleive in the bible . Yet their are no shortage of beleivers to this day that he inspires mankind in some way or another, that he is influencing their lives, or controlling world events.All with no discernible evidence to prove this is true.

    What really amazes me is that way back in bible times, hebrew scriptures,christian scriptures, god made himself known through various means (as above ) If anybody needed to have the direction god supposedly gave to these ancient people who were much closer to perfection than what we are today,then we in the 21st century should be getting more evidence he exists

    So with these thoughts in mind I`d say mankind will never reach that stage.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Not until the evolution of Homosapiens' brains erases the portion that contains superstition. Another 5000 is a good point to believe that perhaps the Jesus/Yahweh myths will have gone. But they will have been replaced by some other Hero or Legend.

    I do believe at some point though that the vast majority may have rejected God, and with that, mankind will be able to advance rapidily.


  • Adso

    in 2000 years there will be people waiting for the second coming of Oprah.

  • Tralfamadorian

    @Adso: roflmao!! That sounds about as likely as anything else i guess. I suppose they'll also be 'decrypting' our currunt usage of internet acronyms like LOL, roflmao, and trying to decipher the inconology of things like :) :( :P ^__^ amongst others. Who knows? Councils may gather and debate the possible reliligiosity of these symbols and make a religion based on their conclusions! xD indeed.

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