Watchtower: You Need To Clean Your Organization, NOW!

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  • LV101

    shamus --- speaking of it being a house full of _ _ _ _ did you hear of the vegas bunker (hall) where this literally happened???? a sewer system failure --- one of the city's sewer systems backed up/broke or something and guess where it stopped and dumped the sewer more than a few inches. actually i heard a few feet!!! i was laughing so hard. This was about 4 yrs. ago. They had to completely demolish everything standing down to the foundation (probably dirt level) and rebuild. can you imagine the sanitization/spill cleanup involved.

    Unreal -- wonder if an ex-witness worked for the sanitation dept. that manipulated this or if it was an act of God.

  • shamus100

    It would have to literally be re-built. That shit gets into wood and everything! There must be some kind of spray they can put on the wood once the drywall, etc. is removed, but that's another topic...

    Yeah, tear it down. Oh, and kiss the monkey. Monkeys are gorgeous! :D

  • LongHairGal

    QUENDI: Bravo. Your post expresses my opinion about this religion exactly! But, in their arrogance they would NEVER believe this could ever happen to them!

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