Was it designed . . . TO KILL? The funnel-web spider. . .

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  • Awen

    Excellent post Lore.

    I do find many of the WTS "teachings" to be erroneous and make no sense from a biological standpoint. I mean they have some real gall to make such assertions about things when there is no evidence supporting these claims, except evidence to the contrary.

    Changing topics.

    "The cow and the bear themselves will feed; together their young ones will lie down. And even the lion will eat straw just like the bull. And the sucking child will certainly play upon the hole of the cobra . . . They will not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain."-Isa. 11:7-9.

    The quote from Isaiah seems to be a spiritual fulfillment. This is entirely my own opinion and I have no sources to back it up. I just want to be clear on this.

    Since the text mentions YHWH's "holy mountain" and Mount Zion is often illustrated as being in heaven (not the literal Mount Zion in Jerusalem, which was little more than a hill) it would seem to me that this is a spiritual type parable. People who were once "bullish" in nature, ones who have calm peronalities (like a cow), ravenous "Lion"-like people etc would be have their innate personal traits transformed by God's Holy Spirit. Or to put it another way, they would make themselves over in the new personality and likeness of Christ.

    So to that effect these once dangerous and "beastly" persons are now harmless. A child could play upon the home of a once dangerous viper (who has been made over) and have no fear of harm.

    This text seems to portray the personalities of those resurrected during the millenial reign and the peaceful way in which they would conduct themselves. So it's literally as if they (the animal like people) had changed their diets.

    People are often compared to animals in the Bible, The Lion of Judah for example. So it seems to me that this is what Isaiah was alluding to and not a very complex biological change to all animal species.

    Peace and Love,


  • shamus100

    You know, there are palm trees that walk 1.8 meters every year that look for sunlight in the canopy of the forest. Perhaps they were hunting them. ;)

    I sure am glad that Noah put them on his little boat and saved them. ;D

    It's obvious that taking the bible literally is completely preposterous. That is all.

  • jaguarbass

    If you keep fruit flies in a container with food close at hand they loose the ability to fly.

    If you keep the flies in a container that have lost the ability to fly and move the food further away they grow wings

    and start flying.

    God could have made the dinosuars to be vegetarian and then when the flood came they grew teeth to survive in the fallen

    world. God could have made them with both capabilities.

    God knew Adam and Eve were going to sin, God knew the world was going to fall.

    That's part of the working out of his plan.

    God could have made all creation to be vegetarian and live in harmony, but with the capabilities to survive

    function and serve a purpose in a fallen world.

    In the end you can rationalize and see what you want to see and make sense of it.

    You can see a world with no God.

    Or you can see a world with a God.

    There seems to be various posibilities and explanations for our existence here on earth.

    A biblical explanation is that God has given everyone free will and everyone having free will

    leads to the kaotic state that we live in today.

    Free will was achieved when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of knowldege of good and bad.

    When they ate of the fruit of concience.

    Eating of this tree made us different from the animals.

    When many beings having free will live together in this dimension, you get what we

    have a cluster fck.

    It seems if we want to live in a paradise in peace and harmony with all creation, we will

    have to give up our will, our egos and submit to God and his ways.

    Some will and many wont.

    Not submitting to Gods will leads to an eternity of seperation from God.

    That condition is described by some as hell.

    Some suggest we are in hell right now.

    I'm not suggesting that to be saved or go to heaven or paradise that you have to submit

    to the faithful and discreet slave, the catholic church, the pope, I think you have to submit

    to God and the way to do that is to follow God in human form, Jesus.

    To follow Jesus you have to love your fellow man, take care of each other, take care of widows

    and orphans. Peace and love is the way.

    So thats one way I can answer was the funnel-web spider designed to kill.

    Another way is there is no God and we are lucky to be alive, life has no meaning or purpose

    other than to reproduce ourselves for the next generation and Keep the vicious cycle going.

    Life is all about survival of the fitest, and survival usually is just long enough to reproduce.

  • shamus100

    Yes, Jaguarbass, life is about survival of the fittest... ** slurps his coffee obnoxiously ** I can agree to disagree with most of what you said, other than treat people with love. That is what life is all about.

    Hey, you ever kiss a monkey?

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