Do you think US will solve the debt ceiling crisis by August 2?

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  • Iamallcool
  • NewChapter

    I have no idea how this will play out. I'm watching on the edge of my seat.

  • BizzyBee

    Doesn't look good. Boehner is a huge fail.

  • Judge Dread
  • sir82

    I say it's all political posturing. On August 1 some new deal will "magically" appear, both sides will declare victory, and both sides will use it as the basis for all their campaigning for the next election.

    "Republicans wanted to steal the Social Security checks from seniors!"

    "Democrats wanted to raise taxes during a recession!"

    And so on ad nauseum.

    I'm already dreading it.

  • WTWizard

    There is no solution. If they jack up the debt ceiling, the government spends recklessly, implements S-510/S-3767, implements Osama ObamaCare, and squashes every small business it can find. Then, the Fed prints up more toilet paper, and we get hyperinflation.

    If they don't, Osama Obama is apt to make good on holding up the Social Security toilet papers just so he can get his license to waste even more of your money. The Fed is even more likely to get pxxxed--they could send the Dow down some 3,000 points on Wednesday, another couple thousand on Thursday, martial law on Friday, and Agenda 21+ on Saturday. Real default is not imminent, since they have plenty of places where they can slash spending (and plenty of debt they can welsh on on the grounds that it was forced on them from without).

    Either way, they are going to end up lifting the debt ceiling. Either way, we are going to get the credit downgrade (if not for the debt ceiling, for being unable to pay the interest when it reaches a few quadrillion toilet papers and they successfully squash all small businesses). Either way, we will get hyperinflation (either because of printing more toilet papers to waste, or having another bank bailout round).

    We might not solve our debt crisis (now, or ever), but you can buy silver and gold and protect whatever wealth you happen to have. Or, make those durable goods purchases and stock up on necessities now while they are still affordable. After August 2, I cannot guarantee anything.

  • NewChapter

    If they don't, Osama Obama

    LOL---I wonder what causes people to confuse Osama with Obama. Is it difficulty reading? Or is there some kind of conspiracy? Maybe OSAMA IS leading our country, and to disguise his identity, HE CHANGED A LETTER IN HIS NAME. Genius! Better than Clark Kent and the glasses. And they look so much alike too! How did he ever fool all the people? We should have seen it! I mean LOOK. Their names are ONLY one letter off! The connection is so clear now . . .

    Oh oh, on the meditation thread I learned that an elder pointed out the one only had to change ONE LETTER to turn meditation into medication---insidious. If I knew it was so easy, I wouldn't have worried so much about paying for my own medication and may not have been so misled by Obama's, one letter away from Osama's, effort to get me health insurance.

    Wow that's something about that one letter. Wonder why we missed it. It's a shame about that letter.


  • sizemik

    The $US has been struggling for some time against most foreign currencies . . . and must be hiking the debt and debt servicing problems.

    Here in NZ, the $NZ was worth $US0.50c only as far back as March 2009. Now it's climbed to $US0.87c. Any obvious reasons why this fall has been so dramatic?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Yes. I worked for the US Senate and saw how cordial they were when the press was not present. They are each playing to their base and screwing the United States of America and the world. We are a debotr nation. The Chinese have found our dollars to be a good investment. Good bye, Chinese. Good bye any semblance of a U.S. economy. People will suffer around the world.

    There will be no blinding light on the road to damascus between now and August 2nd. A deal will be worked out. I strongly believe regular Americans should email and phone their offices to scream "Shame" and promise to cut off campagin funding and votes. They know better. Tom Daschle, the former majority leader, knew exactly what was doable vs. what Dems wanted. Doable is the real, grown up world. Ted Kennedy believed this, too.

    They are posing as fools for their base. The vast majority of Americans are not their base. Enough is enough. it is time to graduate from kindergarten. The Tea Party is the main problem I see. Nevertheless, ithe Tea Party does npt excuse the main stream parties. They should stand up to the tea Party.

    The whole world is watching. A default will cripple us. Grow up!

  • darthfader

    I tend to agree with Sir82... I guess Im an optimist...


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