Do JW Organization Mistakes Matter?

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  • Awen

    I think the mistakes matter a great deal.

    Matthew 23:

    Peace and Love,


  • the-illuminator81

    I held the exact same position as CJW when I was still in. The mistakes did not matter because it was expected that they would make mistakes because they are fallible. When I was still a full believer I was aware of many mistakes and there were many parts of the doctrine I did not agree with. Now that would make them equal to any other religion. So we mix two other arguments in. One, they were chosen by God in 1919 and two they are closer to bible truth than any other religion. That way you can use the "but the light gets brighter" and "but where else can we go" thought stoppers to prevent anyone from losing their faith.

    Once you come to realize that they were not chosen and the bible is a pile of crap, then they fall back to being like any other religion and you are ready to leave.

  • IsaacJ22

    I think it's because most JWs value loyalty to the org above all other things. The Society's mistakes are merely the result of human imperfection. Jehovah wants them to be loyal and obey the Society. Hence, that's what matters.

    Being loyal gets you into paradise. Questioning the org's mistakes will not. Priorities, people! :-)

  • punkofnice

    Sorry to seem so cynical but I am of the impression that CJW is just here for the ruck.

    I cannot believe he/she is a genuine JW. I think the term is 'troll'.

    CJW refuses to answer certain questions but just mass-debate about false premises and rhetoric and stuff.

    In any case I've heard JWs so often say 'Oh, but that doesn't matter!' when called out on crucial subjects. They then produce red herrings and fog the conversation!

    I’ve had this discussion with 2 rank and file Dubs and they both answered with the same thing!

    I was saying how JDubs condemn other religions for believing in varied things that allegedly have ‘pagan’ origins.

    When I call them out on 1914 being calculated using astrology and pyramidology, i.e. occult methods with no sound Biblical proof. When I say why do you go along with this when it’s from the ‘table of demons’?

    Guess what………I got : ‘They’re just imperfect men!’

    I counter with: ‘That’s not good enough. These ‘imperfect men’ know darn well this teaching is from the occult so why do they still promote it?’

    Both said the same thing: ‘Oh, that doesn’t matter, we have the truth.’

    It struck me how ‘conditioned’ the JDub’s minds are and yet will not admit they may be under mind control!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Do JW organization Mistakes Matter?

    Damn right they matter! But forget their mistakes for a monemt.

    Concentrate on the WT crimes against its members such as sexual abuse that many on this board can attest to. Child abuse and endangerment and the pedephilia problem in many congregations.

    The enforced JW disfellowshipping and shunning policy is not a mistake but a crime againt innocent JW multitudes.

    How many JWs have died due to the mistaken and unfounded no-blood policy who otherwise could have lived to enjoy life and be with their loved ones today?

    It is not the mistakes but the crimes and corruption that spring from WT Headquarters that matter!

  • discreetslave

    Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost. Obey us at all cost.

    To live forever you must hand over your earnings, turn off your humanity, conform, sacrifice your lives and that of your children.

    We reserve the right to make mistakes and still be worshipped while you must suffer for yours.

  • Alfred

    The thing many JWs fail to recognize is that most of these so-called "mistakes" are really NOT mistakes at all... These are intentionally engineered and manufactured doctrines that are part of their ongoing marketing strategy which cleverly creates a perpetual "need" where other religions fall short and simply creates a temporary "want". It's simply a means of corporate survival... ...If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone... If you're not a baptized and active JW, well, you're not going to paradise... And their permission to make these so-called mistakes is in Pro 4:18 while their "hook" remains constant... "We're the only ones who preach worldwide, don't celebrate holidays or believe in that ridiculous Trinity doctrine. So the FDS is directed by God's spirit and all other religions will perish". But again, the distinction has to made between mistakes and made-up doctrine. Just my 2...

  • sizemik

    jwfacts hit the nail on the head . . . it's confirmation bias to avoid cognitive dissonance.

    With the JW mind being "controlled" . . . it's taken to an outrageously bizzare level . . . and seems almost unbelievable to the observer. It's not suprising such ones are labelled stubborn, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, even mentally ill . . . because that's exactly how it appears

    The thing to remember about cognitive dissonance . . . is that you will NEVER get them to change their mind based on evidence and logical argument. In that state the mind just CAN'T (not won't) CAN'T see it. Defending the belief is the ONLY response you can get . . . even if the mistakes reach clear up to heaven.

  • cantleave

    Yes they do matter because the flock are expected to follow ALL the edicts or suffer the consequences of being cut off from friends and family.

  • DesirousOfChange

    After reading what Concerned JW has to say, I gather that for him, if the JW Organization is currently making any mistakes, those mistakes do not matter

    To someone who is still "IN", the mistakes are excused by the fact that frequently there are corrections of "New Light" which they see as the WT being humble in admitting mistakes, and progessive in their doctrine. Most current JWs have only a few years in the Truth (esp those with any zeal), and thus have NO IDEA of how distorted the mistakes/corrections or flip/flops are when you compile them through the years. They have that new fire in their gut and they come here with the intent to straighten out all you poor misguided apostates (or all you apostate @$$h0les, depending on their line of thought). Think back about your days "IN" -- You NEVER faced ANY of the HARD QUESTIONS from anyone on the "inside". All these things are glossed over because NO ONE with in wants to try to answer the HARD questions. Then, you start lurking on this board or other similar sites and HOLY SHIT, BATMAN! this can't be TRUE?.....Can it? So you lurk and you lurk and you dig and you dig and your whole world feels like it's crashing down.

    Concerned JW is just now beginning that roadtrip. He's at the point of coming here to straighten everyone out. He's earnest. He's zealous. He has good motives. He disappears for awhile while trying to find the "right" answer for each HARD question that gets thrown at him. Like the rest of us, he'll find out that the (honest) answers cause a big knot in your gut.

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