Movie Critic Roger Ebert - Former JW

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    Band on the Run

    Thanks for this thread. Sometimes people get so excited about anything against JWs they stop asking questions. Posting that you have doubts and concerns leads to many shares pointing out how I did not read the original post correctly.

    The most recent incident involves a possible lawsuit in Australia that sounds fascinating. I have doubts and concerns based on decades of practice. Certainly, I could be wrong or extra factors not mentioned could allay my concerns. A person can have educated hunches. If we followed our hunches, we would not have spent so long in the Witnesses. I never cry fraud or lies b/c I do not know. Simply saying I do not know annoys people.

    A lot of material posted here is sexy for the poster b/c it articulates the person's feelings and beliefs. There is so much heavily documented antiWitness material that we don't have to borrow from less than superlative sources.

    I am a NY Times fanatic. It started when I was in junior high school and I walked miles for the paper. People worship the Times where I live. Yet Pulitzer prize winning journalists have been caught making up stories. If junk gets by newspaper editors, it can get by JWN. Saying I am concerned does not mean I am a plant from Bethel.

    We are doing this on our own time. Sometimes it is very hard to concentrate as though we were FBI agents ferreting out information.

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    @Noni - You are a sharp cookie and I thank you for that. I did not realize the guy took one twitter and then built the whole article around it I thought it was Ebert's story and should have read it more closely.

    I repent in sackloth and ashes...

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