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  • Hairyhegoat

    Thanks clarity, are you from vancouver ? I am aware that this is the warmest place in Canada. We will be all landing in Vancover. I have a job with the police and fire service communications department and will be on a $60.000 / $90.000 canadian dollars a year. This is because I have very high security clearence in the UK to start with... Military and Secret clearence etc.. I have had to sign the official secrets act in the UK. I will inform you all when we land but may not be able to give anymore info about where we live etc.. or mobile numbers as I will be subject to nationial security restrictions once I arrive in Vancouver..

    I will remain on JWN though and keep you updated with our progress on getting out of the UK


  • Quendi

    As a fellow Colorado resident, I can tell you that ziddina's advice is sound. Static electricity can be combatted by simply buying a humidifier for your residence. They are cheap and available throughout the intermountain west in both the U.S. and Canada. The engine block heater is an extravagance in my opinion. I have lived in Colorado for some thirty years and have never needed one. The winters here can be quite severe--but they are much sunnier than any winter you've ever had in Britain by a long way. And the Rockies are simply awesome. They are why I still live in Colorado. Alberta has two outstanding national parks: Banff and Jasper. Its two major population centers, Calgary and Edmonton, are liveable.

    As for Vancouver, the climate there is a marine west coast one, very similar to what you have in Britain. The city itself is ethnically diverse, and the population is generally well-educated. There is a cosmopolitan atmosphere there that you won't find anywhere else in western Canada. Pacific Rim National Park is on the city's doorstep and the rugged beauty of the British Columbia coast is world class.


  • Hairyhegoat

    Thanks Quendi

    Your info is very welcome

    What time is it where you are now ?


  • dreamgolfer

    I wanted to Move to Canada, but they dont like Americans so I Am stuck right here! Go to the GREAT WHITE NORTH Aye!

  • clarity

    Hairy if you come to Vancouver forget the humidifyer, studded snow tires, electrical block warmer ..... oh what else,.... static, weather here is not... I repeat not DRY.

    (Sorry Ziddy )

    It is lush and green. Some winters yes, a warm coat is welcome but for the last umpteen winters a rain coat or jacket does just fine. It snowed for about day last winter! If you have an umbrella great if not just run quick!

    I wouldn't lie to you lol, we have no igloo's here .... even up north the "First Nation's' don't have igloo's!

    If you go to Edmonton or Calgary Alberta, yes they do have snow......but they also have a ton of snow plows! It is dryer and the winter is longer!

    So there you are, it might be nice if a few of us could meet up with you guys if you do move here.

    Keep in touch will you? BTW time is now 6:33 pm.


    edited to say your question, very close!

  • moshe
    so I think it's time to leave and make a new start for our kids,

    Your father will end up a lonely , bitter and sick man , thanks to the WT anti-family rules, - I would do the same, MOVE, if I was in your shoes- good luck.

  • steve2

    Not to diminish your distress, HHG, but you are so lucky that your job prospects allow some hope for moving on...geographically.

  • thetrueone

    Your father is leaving and separating himself from his own immediate family for a bogus corrupt religious publishing house.

    Now thats what I call immorally and enormously stupid .

  • cyberguy

    Hairyhegoat- I’m sorry for you problems with work and especially your family. I’m in a similar boat in that my family will have nothing to do with me, even though I’m not DFd. In fact, that stopped talking to me while I was still an active member, but because I had nothing good to say about the leadership of the JWs (which isn’t Jesus of course), they want nothing to do with me. Anyway, hope your job comes though in Canada! Take care!

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