sincerity and faith

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  • myohorengekyo


    With the greatest RESPECT and INTEGRITY this post was shamelessly started by NAM-MYO-REN GE-KYO on my 13th post. I received no welcome from you and fail to see how your post to aguest is constructive by you in answering my question.

    Sorry if i appear rude.


  • myohorengekyo

    sweetbaby cheetz

    Forgive me i over reacted as i felt your post to aguest was confrantational, andd whilst the connents of your post may be directed to aguest,the subject was relative to my topic.Sorry


  • unshackled

    Um, okay first (since it seems to be demanded)...welcome myohorengekyo.

    With a dab of respect and a pinch of integrity this post was shamelessly written by UN-SHA-CK-LED on his 1322nd post. I'd suggest re-reading SBC's post as it does indeed contain answers to your questions. Just not from the perspective you are wanting to view it from.


  • myohorengekyo

    Hi Unshackled or is it cool hand Luke

    Thankyou SBCs post does contain perspective is i hope with a open mind.

    Sorry if you thought i was demanding a welcome, that can wait to l have the trust and courage on my life story post

    Nam nyo-renn-ge-kyo

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    [bows to Shack]

    Myo: I received no welcome from you and fail to see how your post to aguest is constructive by you in answering my question.

    Welllll, I welcomed you on your first post here but I apologize for not offering peace at our every encounter. As this is a public forum and you didn't direct your original question to Aguest, alone, I [wrongly] assumed it was open for comment by anyone who wandered upon it. It's the nature of an Internet forum... or so I thought.

    Myo: Forgive me i over reacted as i felt your post to aguest was confrantational, andd whilst the connents of your post may be directed to aguest,the subject was relative to my topic.Sorry

    Actually, this probably wasn't the place for my "integrity soapbox" post. I'd thought about starting a thread in which I wanted to contrast those two types of integrity but then I just happened upon Shelby's post in which she made that word the crux of her comment. So I deposited my post here instead, not necessarily to be confrontational, but to offer another view of integrity as well.

    Please forgive me if I offend. In my culture, it is not uncommon to be respectfully assertive (or disrespectfully, but I'd hoped I was the former) when discussing topics like this online.


    Come on you two. We can’t have people on here being nice to each other and apologising and agreeing!

    We are here to win the battle. Trouble is I forgot what the battle is for.

  • unshackled

    Myo...I see we made simultaneous posts, good call on your reversal. I look forward to reading your life story post.

  • myohorengekyo


    Communication on line is new to makes knocking on doors with a W.T a piece of piece.


  • AGuest
    But why do you site bible texts to me when iin my first post "why iam an athiest" i understood you implied such verses were not neccessary?

    My apologies, dear Myo... and peace to you! Yeah, I hate it, too. VERY onerous, doing so! I wish I could just share what I hear from my Lord... but experience has been folks responding with, "Says who?" and "Where's THAT written?" or "The BIBLE says/doesn't say that!". I wish just telling folks the TRUTH would be sufficient; unfortunately, MANY have ingenuinely made the claim that THEY are sharing the truth, too, and been PROVEN false, so...

    I am MORE than happy, though, to share/discuss with you WITHOUT referring to Bible verses, if you prefer. Not a problem with ME, totally. Just don't be surprised when (not IF, but when) someone else responds takes the discussion there. Because someone more than likely will. Which will prompt ME to respond, if necessary, in a similar manner.

    But, no, I don't have to refer to the Bible at all. Just keep in mind, some of what I will share with you IS written... and in the Bible (but not necessarily there!). So it might SEEM like I'm quoting the Bible, but in truth, I'm just sharing what my Lord has told me... which the Bible may or may not corroborate.


    So, lemme know and, again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • AGuest

    Greetings, dear SBC... and peace to you! I hear you, dear one. Personally, I don't see how one can have TRUE spiritual integrity if one DOESN'T have intellectual integrity. I mean, if something doesn't "sound" right... goes against what's "in" you... my position is that you HAVE to question it, even look into it! If you are right, then there should be NO fear in doing so. Because it should stand up to scrutiny. If you're wrong... integrity says you should be willing to admit that. Even if it's tough. Even if it hurts.

    Perhaps everything "in" YOU says "there is no God." It is your prerogative, then, to decide to stop believing, searching, pursuing a relationship, etc. It is neither my vocation... or responsibility... to convince you otherwise... or to tell you that you're wrong... UNLESS you are causing others harm. Then, my responsibility toward "the lowly one" might kick in... and I might have to speak up, etc. Absent that, I feel totally okay discussing what you "don't" believe... as well as what you DO... even if I disagree... with you. (Note, by "you" I don't mean you, personally - LOLOL!)

    The same thing applies on the opposite side of the integrity "coin." If everything "in" ME says there IS a God... then it is absolutely MY prerogative to CONTINUE believing, searching, and pursuing a relationship... or what have you... while it really isn't your vocation or responsibility to convince ME otherwise... or tell me I'm wrong... UNLESS I am causing others harm. Then, same responsibility... based on morals... and most basic thing: love. You virtually MUST speak up.

    So, I get WHY some atheists and othes assert themselves against religion as they do. Given religion's TRACK RECORD... SOMEONE has to (religion certainly isn't going to!). I am totally WITH you on that!

    BUT... I don't see the intellectual "integrity" in "throwing out the baby with the bath water." In fact, that seems COUNTER intellectual to ME. I know, I know... no "baby" in [your] bathtub. Okay, fair enough. But there IS one in MINE... and I kinda like him. So, I think I'll keep him.

    Again, peace to you... and thanks, truly, for keeping in real... from YOUR perspective... as well as allowing me to do the same from mine!

    A slave of Christ,


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