Victoria, Australia: Steven Unthank's Press Release: JW's Hierarchy Formally Charged Today With Child Abuse

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  • strypes

    This link may be a better way to get NBC's attention...

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    Looong time lurker, first time poster.

    Thought I'd finally pipe up about this subject as I live in Victoria and have followed this thread with interest.

    Not pretending to be an expert at all, just wanted to direct anyone who is interested to google Department of Justice, Victoria, Australia and check out the working with children pages.

    It pretty much spells out the act and details who is required to register as well as fines for non-compliance.

    Not sure if this info has already been posted but hope it helps.

  • sizemik

    Welcome to the Forum joey jojo . . . nice to have you here.

    Yes . . . all of the available links have been posted here in this thread, as well as another started by andersoninfo earlier. Press releases, Justice Dept links, Court schedules, and Media reports have all been posted at some stage.

    Do you have an opinion on the direction this action may take being a Victorian?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    The working with children laws are taken pretty seriously here as far as I understand. For example, even contractors entering schools to perform work need to undergo the checks. The laws are well known and adhered to in general.

    Not sure how it will play out but I find it interesting that it clearly states on the Department of Justice site that 'Ministers of religion or anyone performing work of a religious vocation' are required to undergo the check.

    Unless things have changed I'm guessing that makes all baptized witnesses liable as all baptized witnesses claim to be 'ministers'.

  • sizemik

    As a bit of a "test case" . . . the judiciary are going to be very mindful of how this prosecution will effect the application of the Act in future. Would you agree?

  • Curtains

    I'd like to see Mr Unthank win at least part of his case. But in my estimation Jehovahs witnesses have a very strong case and are likly to win for the reasons I have already outlined.

    Mr Unthank needs to get all his ducks in a row of he is going to act as prosecutor.

    welcome Joey it would be intesting to hear your take.

  • Gayle

    I am wondering if anyone can find a "written/printed"experience in the Watchtower literature, in their own literature, any JW studying or somehow helping a youngster, not their child, in a Bible study, taking to meetings/service, etc. as proof that this is done,,encouraged if possible, by the Watchtower organization leadership. I hope Mr. Unthank can find something that way in print in WT literature for the court to see by JW headquarters own admission.

    Is there anyone that have a reference or cd access to search?

    joey jojo,,welcome here,,any local news we welcome on this case too. On the scheduled Sept. 13, will the proceeding of the court (sorry, I don't recall the term right now) be open for you to attend if you wanted? Local "eye-witnesses" of this will be great to hear.

  • ziddina

    Gayle, there are a few clips floating around on YouTube of a young black brother who is thinking about going to college, so he goes to an older white brother who is German - survived the concentration camps, if I recall correctly...

    I THINK that clip - those clips - are from Watchtower-produced films...

    You might want to check out all those Watchtower propaganda films, especially those from the 50's - 60's...

  • Gayle

    ziddina (thank you) and others,,I will be looking for this YouTube,,but if anyone finds it,,could you please PM me or post it here,, also,,I will be trying to contact any and all ex-JW sites to check if they have any specific substantial references in WT literature. I request if you could also forward this request through to any you know that may have any WT references and PM me. Thank you all for your pro-active efforts in exposure of the WT deceits.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    This is the best I can do for now, I've been through the index but most references to studying/ministry with others children are carefully worded, as in 'invite them along with your family/to a family study'. Hope this helps-- Family happiness chapter 9 pages 114-115: 'Christian men can help out in other ways. The righteous man Job said: '' I would rescue...the fatherless boy and anyone that had no helper.'' (Job 29:12) Some Christian men today likewise take a wholesome interest in fatherless children and show genuine ''love out of a clean heart,'' having no ulterior motives. (1 Timothy 1:5) Without neglecting their own families, they might occasionally arange to work with such young ones in the Christian ministry and might also invite them to share in family study or recreation.' km 11/03 page 3 Question Box 'It is the responsibility of Christian parents to study with their children. Those who need assistance in establishing or improving their family study may ask the elders for help. If circumstances make it advisable for another publisher to conduct a Bible study with an unbaptized son or daughter of a Christian family associated with the congregation, the presiding overseer or service overseer should be consulted. If such a study is approved, the one conducting it may report it just as he or she would any other Bible study.' km 12/75 page 8 paragraph 5 'Though their parents may not be interested, many youths are. One fourteen-year-old boy wrote to the Society requesting a visit from one of Jehovah's witnesses.'

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