Just possibly the worst song in the history of music

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  • JeffT

    Christina Perri,"Jar of Hearts"

    I get it, you don't like your ex. But I'd rather have my teeth drilled than listen to you wail about it. Does your therapy have to include making the rest of the world miserable?


  • allelsefails

    Really - not "We built this city on Rock and Roll" stupidist lyrics. Maybe "Safety Dance"....

  • wobble

    There are some god-awful pop songs true, but the worst songs in the history of music are to be found in the WT's Songbook, and the poor saps that attend KH have to try to sing them !

  • allelsefails

    Even worse now. They changed all the songs to fit "new light". I used to at least like singing now it is mostly crap. Give me the old pink song book anyday.

  • wobble

    Pink ? How gay is that ? The last one I had, I left in 2008, was a sh**ty sort of brown colour here in the U.K. By coincidence, it was only yesterday whilst having a good clear-up that I came across our two dirge-books, I promptly consigned them to the flames of a bonfire, a better fate than they deserve.

    The "songs" contained in that were mostly unsingable and not one holds up as good in all respects, some of the tunes on their own were O.K , but add those dire lyrics and it all falls apart.

  • designs

    Anything by Captain and Tennille

  • leavingwt

    Interestingly and surprisingly, there are at least four other (pop) songs on that album which are superior in every way. I'm surprised that this song was chosen as her first single by the record company.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    ALLELSEFAILS - so are you claiming this City wasn't built on rock and roll?


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Never heard of it so I did a search on youtube.

    I have to second Jeff's sentiments. It is horrible. I kept waiting for it to pick up and it never did. The lyrics and arrangement are junior high.

    On the other hand, Katie Herzig's song "Hologram" is a winner. It takes similar "broken love" type sentiments but takes them to a higher level.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    One of the albums from my youth that I am privileged not to have.


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