assemblies and my lovely wife

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    With respect to my drinking buddies, u r missing the point. Stillin seems to think his wife wants the "theocratic" fairy tale and thats why shes unhappy after assemblies and such. Im saying my wife HAS the theocratic fairy tale,including husband who had parts on those very programs, and still was a bitch ALL the time!

    I repeat, to stillin more than any other, "good marriages are not based on the cult. Your wife still wouldnt b happy even with that life".....

    Dont accept less from her.... Build your relationship as best u can, get counsling if she will go. The cult will never lead to happiness.

    Sometimes reading your posts, and posts like StillIn's, make me happy I'm still single man and don't have to put up with that foolishness. I've got enough of my own BS, to put up with someone elses. By the way, I think Zid hit the nail and I didn't read her post or anybody elses, until after I posted which I have a habit of doing. That being, not readin the other posts until after I get my thoughts out as I'm prone to lose my thoughts fairly quick. I agree with you on good marriages not being based on the cult, and that his wife wouldn't necessarily be happy even with the ideal JW fantasy lifestyle. Heck, I think a good portion of people on this message board would have dysfunctional relationships regardless of the JW aspect.

    I think though, the JW lifestyle stresses marriages and family. It's hard enough making a living, and making relationships work, dealing with children, and other responsiblities such as the chores and maintenance that comes with owning property and a car. Then you throw into the mix all of the meetings, assemblies, and field service. Then the neverending nagging generated out of Bethel that one can never do enough for Jehovah. It's stressful. Heck I'm single and stressed than a mutha f#$#!! Couldn't imagine being married with kids and having to juggle the JW crap along with it.

    suspect that your wife is unhappy because she sees the disparity between the Watchtower Society's fairy tales and reality, but she sees it at a PRE-conscious or subconscious level.

    And can't admit to herself that it's all a lie. She's still striving - vainly - for that 'carrot-on-a-stick' that the Watchtower Society dangles in front of its members' noses. She hasn't caught that carrot yet, but she can't understand why. Or she refuses to allow herself to see the REAL truth - reality - that it's all a gigantic shell game - a con game that she's been suckered into...

    This makes a lot of sense to me, this I believe is how it begins. It wasn't but a couple years ago that I was frustrated and for the life of me couldn't articulate why I felt the way I did. At one point I even though maybe Jehovah's spirit wasn't upon me or something. It took this board and a couple other sites to get my brain started. Frustration is where it begins I believe, and StillIn's wife may be on her way.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I have observed that the jw way of looking at marriage sets both husbands and wives up to be bitterly disappointed in each other and marriage. They make marriage feel like a prison.

  • just n from bethel
  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    and for george....

  • Alfred

    My wife used to carry on after certain dramas (also on the way home) until one day I explained to her that the overly humble over-acting in these dramas is merely the unreachable bar that the WT sets for the rank and file to make them feel hopelessly inadequate in the eyes of God since they know all too well that no one is even remotely capable of behaving so perfectly in real life. Thank God she eventually snapped out of the trance...

  • Nickolas

    I might do better with my wife if I were an UNBELIEVING HUSBAND!

    That's exactly where I am/she is. I'm an atheist, she's a Jehovah's Witness. We've been together almost 40 years, although both of us have shifted our world views considerably since we first got together. It's awkward sometimes, but me manage, as much as I'd like to help her see reality more clearly than she does. Gently offered advice, get over it or move on (or work toward changing your reality).

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Mrs. Falcon is what I refer to as an agnostic JW, in the sense that she goes along with the traditions, but doesn't really think too deeply or care about the actual doctrine behind those practices. Like EE, I was that perfect demo guy, ready to run out the door to put out some theocratic fire like the tool I am. Got appointed like I was supposed to do.

    But then I grew a brain, a d*ck and a heart. Oddly, Mrs. Falcon hasn't noticed at all and she just continues to sit there, looking sexy.

    Hmmmm.... the rotgut whiskey must be kicking in. Shutting up now.

  • elderelite

    Rotfl @ falcon

    I missed u man!

    LOL also at justin pics

  • jamiebowers

    Stillin, maybe you should become completely inactive, including not driving your wife to the conventions. She may come to appreciate you for the pis poor brother she thought you were. If not, at least you wouldn't be there to be bitched at.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Hmmmm.... the rotgut whiskey must be kicking in. Shutting up now.

    F. U. I have been sitting on a plane waiting to take off for 3 hours. Thank baby Jesus I am in first class and getting free Glenlivet. And don't shut up, I find you interesting and witty, not that I have a mancrush or anything.


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