Anybody here from Romania

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  • skipperdino

    @ trevorbv

    Yes I still have family inside, but in no way I want back So far, the only "shunning" action that I saw was from two of my young cousins who used to work for me and a couple of weeks back they mumbled to my wife (not a JW) because they did not have the balls to tell directly to me - something with their principles in life and that they will cease coming to work (this happened 3 months after my DFing). But my father&mother are still talking to me, we visit each others weekly, etc.

    I know living well is the best revenge and I am doing it! But you also know they say revenge is an act of passion and vengeance is an act of justice. And I am a very passionate person (and was back in time when I was in the brainWashtower).

    My initial letter did formulate some accusations to them and it seems they finally ignored it, so I don't like to leave things unfinished. More than that one moron elder which was calling me during their invitations to the JC was shouting on the phone that HE HAS THE RIGHT OF LIFE OVER ME, because Jehovah is giving that to him. Can you imagine what a fu**ing bastard?

    Today I am going to KH in the evening - I'll give an update later.


  • Knowsnothing
    @ Knowsnothing
    Salutare! Suceava is a special place in the country, which is very beautiful and the food is great and still not influenced by modern fastfood concepts. Piatra Neamt is also a great little city surrounded by mountains. I know it very well.
    What's your story with the Borg?

    I too hope it doesn't become modern. Few places like that remain in the world, and we need to keep places like that for future generations.

    My story with the Borg....

    You can click on these 2 links. My backround. My current situation.

    By the way, what area of Romania are you in?

  • trevorbv

    Ok, do what you have to do.

    And keep us posted.



    I like to post on Romanian Threads to let people know..

    I`m not from Romania..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • skipperdino


    Interesting to find out your story...

    I live in Transylvania, center of country.


    I had to leave town for my job yesterday, so no visit to KH. But I found out my father was called there (he is from another cong) - I guess the bastards contacted him to convince him to shun me. I will see when I talk to them...


    Great man! Keep up the good work

  • teel

    Reviving an old thread, to let you know I'm here too Get in touch, any romanians, especially from Transylvania, if you wander around, and don't be upset if I don't answer quickly, I rarely visit the forums these days.

  • moshe

    You never know where you will meet a someone from Transylvania--

  • teel

    Nah, how about "no blood"? Imagine a JW vampire.

  • rubbeng

    I'm from Romania!

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