Anybody here from Romania

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  • skipperdino

    Hi guys,

    just wandering if anybody here is or was from Romania?


  • hellenback

    I dont know lets count 1 ha ha ha 2 ha ha ha 3 ha ha ha

  • SafeAtHome

    I am 50% Romanian. My grandfather came to America in February 1912, he was from the Arad area of Romania. Not sure where my grandmother was from in Romania. My dad was 1st generation American. I grew up hearing the native tongue spoken among my grandfather, my dad and his 3 siblings. Back then, Akron Ohio had quite a few Romanians, they mostly belonged to the Baptist church. Some of them became involved with the Witnesses (may have been called Bible Students then) and got my grandpa involved. That was the beginning of it all for my family. There were a few older Romanians in our Kingdom Hall as I was growing up. We were of the peasant class (ha, ha). Did your family ever make freesa cleesa? I have no idea how to spell it, I am sounding it out. You sit over a campfire with a chunk of bacon and let the fat melt onto a big slice of thick, crusty bread. Some put chopped green onions on it, but as a child I liked it without. That's some good Romanian peasant food! Too bad, none of us kids grew up learning the language.

  • myelaine

    dear skipperdino...

    Rus is in romania > <

    love michelle

  • trevorbv

    Well, I don't want to be mean, but a guy with 0 posts asking for location information is suspicious.

    Are you an elder?

    Maybe some here are still active witnesses and are not confortable with revealing their identity.

    Anyway search for Romania in the search bar and you'll find some users mentioning Romania.

    I'm sure that there are others too but keep this private.

  • skipperdino

    @ trevorbv

    I can understand your suspicious attitude

    In fact I was browsing this site since some time, when the elders started looking for me big time. Now I am off - not anymore in the Borg and just trying to find some people from my area here.

    Long story made short: baptized in '97, married with a JW for 8 years, stopped going to the meetings around 2001, now divorced and married a normal person, they started to search for me this year, didn't return calls, they made visits, I kind of shut them off, they threaten with JC (for smoking, not for divorce ), I sent legal letter, they probably went up on the vine to the legal dept and DFd me after about 3 months (I heard it was announced). I kept my legal threats, asked a lawyer to send letter for legal conciliation to all the members of the JC, the local cong and the country hq - they never showed up to the meeting. I am prepareing to launch a forum for people like me in local and I have messed up all the elders in the cong with SMS messages during the last DC, just to annoy them - I had a friend at the DC and he was texting me which speaker is on and then I sent relevant annoying messages to all the elders

    To advertise my new site and forum (to be launched in August 15th) I have filled the streets near the KH with posters and tomorrow I am planning to go to the service meeting with some of my friends who were DFs from the same cong.

    trevorbv I hope you are not suspicious anymore....


  • skipperdino

    @ SafeAtHome

    great to know you! Your story is quite interesting.

    My grand grandfather also left to US around '20. He left with a small backpack, just with a couple of clothes and returned 5 years after with the same backpack . It seems he did not feel well there and he just returned.

    The food you are talking about is indeed fabulous. We are doing that everytime we go up in the mountains over the campfire. And the best is when you have some free-range, homemade bacon. Yummy!


  • trevorbv

    I'm not.

    My 2 cents:

    Why are you threatening them for? That they disfellowshiped you? If you're not going to the KH, why do you still care?

    If you have family in, business contacts, and want to get back in okay, but if just for spite, you should let it go.

    As they say: "Living well is the best revenge".

    You should stop harassing them upfront: it will have the opposite effect. It's just what they expect from a person "in Satan's hands".

    They will just say:"You see how low you get when you leave Jehovah."

    If you want to create a website to expose the teachings of the WTBS, that's good, I myself plan to do so for a while.

    If you really want to help them, try to put yourself in their place and try to identify the possible reactions to certain things you're planning to do.

    Anyway it's not easy to make them reconsider what they learn several hours a week, but one can only try.

  • Knowsnothing

    Hey skip. My father is from Climauti, Jud. Suceava. My aunt resides in Piatra Neamt.

    I went there for the first time in 2008. It is a wonderful country.

    Eu vorbesc un pic. I was learning, but am forgetting quickly because I don't practice it. My father speaks to me in Spanish or English (go figure )

    I love Romanian cold-cuts breakfast. Very healthy and tastes great!

    I also had home made wine. THE BEST ALCOHOL I HAVE EVER TRYED.

    Tsuica is also very good, but very strong.

  • skipperdino

    @ Knowsnothing

    Salutare! Suceava is a special place in the country, which is very beautiful and the food is great and still not influenced by modern fastfood concepts. Piatra Neamt is also a great little city surrounded by mountains. I know it very well.

    What's your story with the Borg?


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