JW = largest body of therapy for mentally ill?

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  • cptkirk

    can't believe I actually was buying into this group for as long as I have. I browsed a few threads on this web page, and saw a few that dealt with how heavy they have been lately on "the enemy within", paraphrasing, whatever....I really think they are actually collapsing, and this kind of notion of "the enemy is everywhere!" is just a testament to that fact. What happened to the holy spirit? lmao, I'm just sitting here trying to even comprehend how I could of been brain washed by these people for so long.....

    even started to realize towards the end there, I think the GB actually makes fun of their own people, I cant say it for sure obviously because I'm not inside their minds...for example there is a book called 'commentary on the letter of james', and in the 2nd paragraph of the book it says paraphrasing, the letter of james was not written to any specific people or any specific person...then you pickup the bible and read the letter of james and it says paraphrasing, 'to the 12 tribes of israel that are scattered about, Greetings!", unless it was saying he was a 'slave to the 12 tribes of israel'? whatever, there are many instances of this kind of condescending weird shit that i started to pick up on late in the game. the UN thing is obviously the smoking gun, just amazing.

    I'm torn right now recognizing the weakness of man, and my own weakness, and trying to jibe that with the fact that societies like this actually do offer some good for people. Ie. everyone would agree we all die, and yet everyone would also agree that the human spirit/instinct is to fight for life. this very basic contradiction can cause a person issues, along with a couple dozen more major tension points. and I guess societies like this do help the immature brain to have some security, at the same time, most of them are just plain crazy. they dont realize that the padlock they put on their thought process, actually ends up serving as a impediment to their "perceptive power", hence making even their so called elder/wise ones, fairly stupid and ill-equipped, compared to the worlds elder/wise men/women. so basically, ya got no holy spirit, and you're handicapped mentally = dinner for schmucks?

  • moshe

    The WT leaders want the glory days of 1969-75 back- back when they had huge growth and JWs did whatever the GB old them to do. Like- the end is so close, we need to be a pure religion, smoking is druggery- you all have six months to quit or you get the boot. Nobody complained openly- they all complied. Yes, JWs have a mental problem.

  • designs

    You knew you were in the hands of Nut Jobs when the Panty Hose wars broke out. Lust was a Sister with bare legs and open toed shoes and a toe ring showing ..... Ahhwoooo the Werewolves of London, Ahhwooo the Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Captain. Welcome to the forum.

    I was told something 'funny' about a Dub by a Dub today.

    It took a while to get the point across, that it wasn't funny at all. The Dub at the butt of the joke was mentally ill and really needs psychiatric help to overcome the problem, a problem undeniably caused by being raised as a Dub.

    The other Dubs in the group took this golden opportunity to defend their church and .................

    ...................shut up and said nothing.



  • sizemik

    Welcome aboard cptkirk . . .

    If mind-controlled comes under the umbrella of mental illness . . . then yes, you are right.

    Incidentally . . . how long have you been "buying in"?

  • cptkirk

    yea there are many angles aren't there? you think you're going to free the slaves or something? you can't free someone that doesn't want to be freed. i see what you're saying though....i see everything through the prism of being healthy or not healthy...some people i guess still are ensnared by the stigma term "psychological health"...as if the phrase always represented euphemistic language for someone below par. we all have our health and illness....theirs is special though. It is special because they proclaim "truth", yet their entire lives are lies. the organization functions to perpetuate their mental state, which is a mental state that relies on (a word you dont hear as much anymore) a "crutch" of some "theological" angle, which in truth is just their inability to deal in a healthy manner. until you find truth in yourself, you wont ever find truth in anything else. so if none of them have the truth regarding themselves, how can they preach truth to anyone?

    some are better than others obviously. but if you dig deep enough, even with the really together ones, you will find that same denominator.

    buying in, it was imprinted in me as a child. i was born in the 70's.

    you see what i'm saying though? "here let me tell you the truth" - ok you dont even know the truth about yourself, but you're going to teach me the truth about life? mmk

  • sizemik
    until you find truth in yourself, you wont ever find truth in anything else.

    I agree . . . although once that "external" source of truth becomes dominant . . . it becomes reinforced by control devices . . . information control . . . fear of the implications of dissent (thinking for yourself), the "investment" of time and resources and so forth.

    It's a vicarious truth to most . . . ie; someone elses truth . . . the "make the truth your own" admonition makes sense in the JW context . . . but it's not something that's even possible IMO . . . because it started out as someone elses truth . . . and always will be.

  • cptkirk

    that's funny you say that. because one thing i picked up on a lot (especially the higher up you go), it's like everyone is thumping away, then they turn their head around and ask the elder behind them "is that right? did i do that right? etc. it's like they are all collectively hoping the other guy knows what he's talking about.

    you ever watch "mind meld"? story of shatner and nimoy's life together. nimoy tells a story where the one actor says to the other actor 'what are you playing in this scene?', and the actor says 'im playing nothing', then the actor that asked him the question says 'no you cant play nothing, i'm playing nothing.'

    that is pretty much the heirachy of the religion, they are all playing nothing, and hoping the other guy is really something. but they arent :( dfs .dinner...

  • cptkirk

    not sure how to edit the message. but yea like you said it's someone elses truth. not theirs.

  • cantleave

    Commentary on the Latter of James was written by Ed Dunlap who also co-wrote the Aid to Bible Understanding with Ray Franz. It is one of the best books published by the WTS.

    Ed was kicked out of Bethel and later DA'd.

    BTW Welcome to the forum. Click the little pencil icon in top right hand corner of text box to edit (within 30 minutes of posting)..

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