Was there anything different about you that helped you escape the WT?

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  • jaguarbass

    I've always read since a young age.

    The thing that allowed me to escape the tower was, 1976.

    1976 and reading the JW literature allowed me to escape.

  • mythreesons

    I've always been able to see things from different points of view...IMO it was only a matter of time, especially when I had to start explaining it to my kids and it didn't hold water.

  • free @ last
    free @ last

    Being an INTJ is what helped me and I guess a lot of others... we are generally not as occupied with conformity and prefer to make decisions with the mind rather than the heart.

  • VampireDCLXV

    Unlike the more 'bookish' types here, I'm not so much the avid reader. I think the difference with me is that I'm highly intuitive, perhaps much more than most others. I am also a hardcore non-conformist.

    The more time that passed since my baptism, the more I felt at unease with the people in my own congregation and several others. I knew the doctrines were a bit "off" but I was thinking that the "love" among "God's chosen people" would eventually straighten things out... until I started smelling rat. I was smelling rat and I wasn't quite sure where it was coming from. I took some time before I figured out that JWs aren't what they seem to be. By the time I did, I was deeply depressed and irritable. I was looking for emotional and moral support and finding very little of it. I just couldn't motivate myself to go to meetings or failed service anymore. It wasn't until I joined a local support group and this website that I was able to see the "rat" that I was smelling. JWs are, quite frankly, an emotionally toxic bunch, overall...


  • agent zero
    agent zero

    i'm sure it was an unidentifiable combination of many personality and upbringing factors that put me in line to eventually see behind the curtain. looking back, i know i always had a sense in the back of my mind that it could very well be wrong, but i kept it sufficiently repressed to the point of actually believing it, until my world view expanded to the point of being able to confront that my fears were true.

  • Awen

    I read the FreeMinds website articles and read my Bible without using WT publications. I also saw a few advertisements on TV which spoke out against the JW's. I decided to question everything and not simply take someone's word for something just because they published a book or have some sort of authority. I realized that my having to "render an account" would be based entirely upon my own deeds and the words of others would most likely be discounted as I do have free will. I can't be like Adam and try to put the blame on God, i.e. "the woman you gave me told me to eat and thus I ate." Adam, like myself had free will and was accountable for his own actions and not those of others.

    This is what opened my eyes.



  • james_woods
    "the woman you gave me told me to eat and thus I ate."

    Wonder what he would have had to say about the mythical Lilith?

  • designs


    Science definitly helps, it kind of smacks you in the brain and forces you to reason on everything you have been told. I gave a talk at a college in LA back in 1968 about Our, JW, views on creation and got laughed off the stage, this was Fred Franz's idea on 7000 year creative days. I wish I could have snapped a picture of the class's expression as I mouthed the words about the earth being 48,000 years old.

  • NewChapter

    Reading and writing. When I started looking into bible accounts and tried to reconstruct the scenes as a writer would, it led to a lot of questions I wouldn't have otherwise asked. This led to research both in the WT material and secular material. I finally realized how impossible the flood myth was, and others soon followed.


  • clarity

    Another avid reader here, but what really helped me escape were my survival skills.

    As a kid I was extremely independent and self sustaining. Had to be.

    Trust and dependancy are not so much in my 'vocabulary'. lol

    Soooooo never really trusted an organization 100% very much and never depended on jw's to be friends with me. Good thing!

    That part was easy to drop. Then I found freeminds and jwn!!

    My family on the other hand though, do have me 100%!


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