Was there anything different about you that helped you escape the WT?

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  • Giordano

    Very interesting response's. S ome common threads have emerged that I hope can be put to good use by those who are attempting to free their loved ones who are still in. The fact that a number of us were readers didn't surprise me but what I hadn't realized was how powerful the habit of reading could be in opening up one's mind and one's world view. Reading is such a personal experience that apparently it can provide a counter balance to the incessant JW propaganda. Being an independent person came up as well. This prized quality is extremely difficult to nurture in the JW world where conformity is prized. Others mentioned being highly intuitive. When first exposed to the blood issue and Armageddon I was not able to rationalize those positions or the consequences they would cause. Not because I studied Greek or read the opinions of bible scholars but because it just didn't 'feel' right. Most of the Bible doesn't feel right .......like we are not getting the entire story....there seems to be too many ancient agendas getting in the way of simple thoughts. How women are treated by the society is another thread. Those understanding and respecting the important accomplishments that women have made in the past 150 years or so are at odds with J.W women having to turn back the clock to the male dominated social and organizational systems of the 19 century. When many witnesses have had enough the fade begins.

  • highdose

    for me it was reading, and attending uni were i was forced to think from all angles and stretch my mind.

    I also had a "worldly" relative attend one meeting with me, and so anxious was i that she join the cult i decided to listen to the meeting with the mind set of a worldly.... what a back fire! I sat there totaly embarrased! Never was the same at meetings again.

    I also refused as a strong , highly educated profestional woman to subugate myself to a cheap suited window cleaning elder who knew nothing about anything!

  • Giordano

    Listening as a 'worldly' person made me feel I was on a really lame losing team.

  • Velour

    When I was younger, I wanted to do what was right. I wanted to please people. I was just a follower.

    As I got older I realized that while I was pleasing everyone else, I was miserable. When I spent some time considering who I was and what I wanted in my future I saw that being a JW was hindering me. I switched from trying to figure out what was right to figuring out who's authority I could count on to determine what is right...which lead to me trying to figure out what is truth and what is real.

    The WT keeps people so busy that many of them, I don't think, have much time to reflect on if they're actually enjoying life (and if they realize they aren't happy they dismiss it saying, "it's worth it. I'll be happy in the paradise)...they're just running in whatever direction their situation takes them. I decided I wanted to control my life now and be happy now.

  • visitor 525
    visitor 525

    I have never been a JW however my mom had a mother-in-law once who was a JW I wasn't very old so I don't remember a lot.

    my ? is has any non JW ever helped you get out of the organization? if so how?

    I met a young guy about a year ago who did some remodeling on my house and found out he was JW he tried his best to convert me but I have always felt very uncomfotable with the whole organization.

    this young man only lives about 15 min from me i've ran into him a couple of times but it seems like when i catch him off guard he doesn't want to talk about JEH he only seems to want to give me his spill when it's saturday, he's on my front porch, and wearing a suit.

    this young man is constantly on my heart that's what brought me to this sight i'm trying to learn the history of the JWs. I also have had many thoughts about sending him books in the mail for him to read, but haven't done so. Would this be a good idea? What should I send? Any ideas?

    I've been reading this site for the last couple days and I have gotten a little discouraged by some. feeling like there is no way to help those still being lied to. like we're just suppose to cross our fingers and hope they see the REAL TRUTH.

    thxs for tour replies

  • partydelights

    My wife and I left because we saw first hand the hypocrisy from Elder's level up until to DO level. Coupled with good Bible reading habits + much additional info from the Internet, our leaving becomes a resolute under the "crisis of conscience".

    Informally, a year before we left, the Elders presented my "picking up" will be swift and easy. Without appointment, I'm to care for the sound system, to do WT and Book study reading and "hinted" to become Pioneer as long as I follow their way. But i can't. I only wanted to be reinstated as Pioneer because if I were removed unjustly, I must be reinstated. When DO said "it cannot be done", we know who's interest WT is protecting and whose name WT is most concerned about. So we left.

  • sizemik

    “Beware the man of one book.”

    - St Thomas Aquinas

    I've always loved science and history. When a JW, my reading was reduced to mainly WTS publications . . . through guilt / fear inspired self-restriction. Anything outside of that was mainly fiction . . . for entertainment only.

    The thing that was different about me however . . . was that I was exposed to institutional violence as a boy. After a few years a JW I began to sense similar attitudes among the heirarchy. I begrudgingly made room for it . . . but was always reluctant to become involved. I was appointed MS twice after standing down once . . . and declined invitations to serve as Elder twice. Ironically, I accepted a third invitation after I had already decided I was leaving . . . three months later I was a gonner . . . not sure why I did . . . impact maybe? . . . just seemed right somehow.

    I have since enjoyed resuming my love of science and history . . . it's just about all I read now . . . no time for fiction.

  • Curtains

    being a curious curiosity helps me

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    I too was a voracious reader, and during the time when my parents were inactive, there were no restrictions on what I read. I'm so thankful for that time period, otherwise I'd be a myrmidon for the Borg.

  • NomadSoul

    Same here,

    The more I read about other philosophies, the more I saw the JW philosophy as weak. And I remember thinking to myself that you could take very good things from all points of views. It would anger me when I would the magazine used to put down other philosophies, specially the one's that I've read. I wish I could remember exact quotes.

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