My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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  • rebel8

    I'm watching this right now and it's just...sad...

    The girls are supervised constantly when they're teenagers to prevent them from ever being alone with boys. Ever.

    They don't like the girls to attend school. They're shown on this program just cleaning and walking around in tight clothes, lots of makeup and jewelry.

    As teens, they apparently are with their families 24/7 and not allowed to talk to boys. Then they go to a big ball with the over-the-top gowns, and it's socially acceptable to look for a husband. So they get to talk to boys for the first time in their cloistered lives, and they get a huge crush on a boy.

    This seems to be a perfect method for breeding little sexpots who swoon over their husband.

    I'm trying to be respectful of this culture but I'm having a hard time with the treatment of women. Is this for real?

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