Angry mob of Facebook JWs.

by fade_away 28 Replies latest jw experiences

  • dillen89

    I don't want to wait all my life for some God to bring perfectness into our planet earth, because I enjoy being imperfect and learning from your mistakes is a good thing we all do in our daily lives. Those JWs who think that girl is crazy -- she's got a point of how shit that religion runs and if a JW ever knocks on my door to beg me back into their so-called truth circle, they picked the wrong girl to mess with right here! I'm no backstabbing person, but I do know a fearsom person when I hear one and how they write on their wall about that crazy girl is so well done by all the rubbish they're getting fed at church! I'm agreeing with that crazy girl and is it possible for you to email me her name to this one here: [email protected] -- so I can add her as a friend please? Thank you! :)

  • steve2

    People can be so cruel on Facebook; I have it on good authority - my 19-year-old niece. There's nothing quite like raining on someone else parade. Shame! I would never do that. I am much too pure (and I don't attribute that to virginity or organic food .

  • Medina

    Facebook JWs, first they are not listening to the FDS because they are denying and ignoring the council of the Awake. One of the recent ones was about Social Netorking Sites.

    I think the girl did a good thing, a nice anger release, although its not effective, the JWs still think they are Gods Chosen people. Crazies.

  • mindmelda

    Why I don't bother talking to anyone brainwashed in groups. Individually, you may be able to drop a point or two that may make someone think, but in mobs the brainwashed hang together.


    person #1 "Surely we are nearing closer to the end."

    Who`s Shirley?..


  • fade_away

    Lol! Me: Hey don't call me Shirley.

    person #1: I'm just saying the end is near.

    Me: I know but don't call me Shirley.

  • NewChapter

    the outrage was there, naturally. However we don't know what she posted and there is the POSSIBLITY that someone read it and then began to question. Even FB has lurkers. Of course they are obliged to call her crazy etc. But what are they REALLY thinking?


  • stillstuckcruz

    There are talks about FB most notably at the recent DC. They mentioned that there was no clear cut rules, but bible principle to follow when using them. Many elders I know use them.

    It's terrible how Satan uses people against God's Kingdom

    What I think is terrible is how others(simple disbelievers), and not just in this case can be automatically classified as "instruments of Satan" and "tools". This was discussed brielfy in CoC(still reading).

  • Reality79

    "Someone probably did her wrong. Hahaha poor girl. It's terrible how Satan uses people against God's Kingdom."

    This is the typical callous mentality of the average dub. This person is laughing at the possibility of someone doing this girl wrong, yet all they can say is how Satan uses her against the ficititious "God's Kingdom".

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