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  • WTWizard

    It seems that there is always one self-righteous idiot in every congregation that is like this:

    First, the person will find every opportunity to see how much wealth people have. This wealth is in either time or material things. At which point, they will seek to make the person part with this wealth. You pick up some unexpected cash, and before you have the time to get anything or pay down bills, this pig will find ways to force you to sacrifice most or all of it. It might be rules on suits, "Your [field circus supply item] looks a little shabby and you need another one", or coercion on donations to various fucntions. Or, perhaps this pig suggests to the whole car group that you are treating them all to lunch, since you have "extra" resources on hand.

    Additionally, this person seeks to force you to pio-sneer. You are out until noon (and make it clear that "noon" means NOON and not 12:05 PM with the excuse of a call running long. This pig will keep you out much later on purpose, ping-ponging you from one "last minute" call to another until several hours have passed. If you do not go along, this pig is likely to rig the group so you will be working with them (it can be either gender) and then deliberately hold you up for hours at a time.

    This type is very self-righteous in other matters as well. If you try to play music, it will be censored with much tighter than necessary standards. (Plus, the time used to make it could be spent on field circus.) If you make the mistake of lending this person records for personal use, there is a good chance that (if you get them back at all) you will get a lecture about "bad" songs on the albums that they didn't have to listen to (often on the opposite side of the disc). They are usually picky on how to cut your hair, on what kind of car you drive (and accessories), and just about everything else. They usually bash the worldly people much worse than normal. And, at every possible opportunity, they will have you re-enact Jesus' sacrifice "to which nothing ever need be added" by sacrificing something you worked so hard for.

    It always seems that there is one pig like this in every congregation. Sometimes it will be someone that is "new" in the cancer and wanting everyone else to be super-witlesses. They are generally not materially well off, and don't want anyone else to be, either. This is the type that will brand many things that the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is silent on, or that are merely suggestions, as "too worldly" (like the pig that insisted that investment silver was "too worldly"). These few would have everyone give up everything and pio-sneer, usually without thinking that if everyone did, there would be no support for anyone and no infrastructure.

    What usually ends up happening to these self-righteous pigs that insist on ruining everyone else's prosperity? The one I had in my former congregation was baptized shortly before I was (and had the same "teacher"). He became a regular pio-sneer, after hounding and coercing me to regular pio-sneer the year before (even insisting that my employer was owned by some church, making something up as he went, so I would have to quit and pio-sneer). He ended up becoming an assistant hounder, married, and moved to another congregation (and I would imagine that he is very similar to this, envious of anyone that is better off than himself).

    And, when these people become hounders, or the lead hounder, all bedlam breaks out. Donations are coerced, people are repeatedly hounded to pio-sneer, those "five Sundays" months become "Everyone must pio-sneer" months. In the case of "sisters" being like this, the damage they can inflict is limited but they can still guilt everyone else into doing more field circus than is reasonable and prudent.

  • Joliette

    Very Very true!

  • cantleave

    Great observation - I know who you are talking about!!

  • dgp


  • NomadSoul

    Yeah, that was me.

  • Magwitch

    So true! So happy to be free!

  • punkofnice

    I can see the face of this pig.

    About field-circus and going out in the kingdumb misery. The CofE (Pre sniding Over-Sneer), who also did the Circus over sneer bit too.

    He'd send everyone out on field misery then he'd disappear. We didn't know where to. He was also a pious-sneer.

    He is a power tripper and enjoyed belittling people from the pratt-form or when he was taking the washtowel indoctrination sessions.

    He had a corum of suck ups around him so was impregnable.

    All the congo-a-bongregation said was: 'Oh, Jar Hoover will vacuum up any problems. Wait on Jar Hoover. Jar Hoover knows!'

    Well, Jar Hoover either doesn't exist except in dubby dreamland or he's mega-slow!!

    The pig is still in charge.

    ..........and get this................................he goose steps to the pratt-form with his nose in the air! I kid you not.

  • Rocky_Girl

    oy vey!! Thanks for the memories...

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The sisters were the bane of my JW existence.

    They can be just as harmful as the men.

    They are just more sneaky about it.

  • WTWizard

    And, sometimes it seems it's half the congregation. We might have at one point been like that, but eventually someone even more obnoxious came along and rendered us "not good enough" or we realized that we were teaching a lie all along. Most of us on this board are currently nowhere near as obnoxious--despite that some of us were.

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