never looked at your names till now

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  • talesin

    BP,,, me, too, even in this day and age, I have never seen my exact name on anything except my great-grandmother's headstone (and that's eerie -- I have a picture of myself leaning on a gravestone with MY NAME ON IT), and

    I think your name is beautiful and old-fashioned ....

    (PS,,, I finally found my old friend on F/B,,, and you were right, she was in Geneva for a while,,, tx for your help)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    I think your name is beautiful and old-fashioned ....

    You know my name??? lol.... (did I tell you or someone else did? Anyway, I'm on facebook if you want to be friends)

    Yes, it is old fashioned. The story goes that my mum got the name from the Bible (an early Christian woman) but as a kid I'd encounter old ladies saying "my grandmother had the same name..." or "my great-grandmother had that name"...

  • talesin

    I recognized a while ago.... didn't we used to correspond a bit? and you helped me look for my world-travelling friend who is now happily back in OZ, raising 2 kids .... :)

    When you said 'actress' and 'movie',,, then I was sure it was you .....

    or has the menopause turned into dementia and I am totally FUBAR?????

  • talesin

    look for a friend request from initials J______ M_____ with purple crocuses for an avatar pic ..... :)

  • talesin

    Raveen,,,, from whence did the name come? It is unusual, and I'm not sure how to pronounce it ...


    ps... off to bed, the birdies are singing .... nite all!! and a good sleep wish for all of us

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I've got a bundle that is guaranteed to not fit in the space provided, including one that nobody ever spells correctly.

    The one in the front means lover of Christ, which would be OK if the fundies didn't trash his good name.

    I like Grace's Christ, but not every Christian is our lovely Mouthy.

    Sweet dreams, Jen


  • noni1974

    My first name is Naomi. I hate it when people miss pronounce it. Then again I have a horriable time remembering names of people I meet so I guess if they miss pronounce mine and I forget theirs we should be even.

  • dm6

    Hi Naomi! did you know that your name backwards spells i moan? hehe sorry .... im just messing about :) (wink)

    Well my name is Darren but most people call me Daz.

    i chose dm6 as my username because its what i use for everything because of my username for (an online shooting game)

    DM6 is the very popular map name and i guess i was lucky enough to get to have the name before anyone else! :P

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Raveen huh?....I kinda like it.

    My name is Tessa....I gotta tell you....if theres one thing I don't want to hear any more it's..."I've got a dog called Tessa" (usually a labrador)...or try going to the beach and girl.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...woops.. hee hee hee

  • sizemik

    The name my parents gave me is Murray . . . and I hate it. People often leave out the 'A' and spell it 'Murry' At school it was always "Murray's in a hurry to get his curry" It doesn't suit me at all.

    It means in Scotland "man of the sea" . . . and I'm a pilot, and love flying

    They told me it was either 'Murray' or 'Neil' . . . WTF?

    Sheeesh . . . why couldn't they just settle for Bill or George or Dick or Harry FFS!

    BTW . . . Raveen is nice . . . I like Raveen

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