Any workout junkies in here?

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  • PSacramento

    I workbetween 4-6 days a week.

    Alternating between my Martial Arts workouts and ST ( Strength training).

    My current ST routine is based around the 5X5 St protocol:

    1A) Squats, Chins, Overheads, DL's, abs

    2A) Squats, dips, "shoulder shocker", DL's, Abs

    My MA routing depends on what I am working on but usually lasts about 60 min, with the only breaks being to 30 second breaks between rounds while doing the Heavy Bag ( Typiclaly 9 rounds of 3 min with 30 second break).

  • NomadSoul

    I guess what I'm trying to go for it's an all around fitness. I have moderate muscle mass. And you're right Shamus, right now I feel like going home and hitting the gym for hours, but... I know that's not a good idea.

    I just want to keep the motivation. I don't want it to dissepate.

  • FirstLastName

    I run about 30-35 miles a week and have really come to enjoy it. In the beginning it was just to train for a half marathon - but after reading, Born to Run and UltraMarathon Man, I now look forward to it. Its amazing to see what the human body can do. The pain makes me feel alive - I hope that makes sense. Summer heat is brutal for a runner (although I have heard of people that prefer the heat) so I either run early in the am or late evenings.

    In the book UltraMarathon Man, the writter Dean Karnazes was relaying a story from his high school days on the track team. He had just won a long distance race by pushing his body to the limits. He coach said , " How did that feel?". He replied " Its felt really good !". The coach replied " Then you did something wrong - its supposed to hurt like hell." I thought that was such a funny quote and yet so true - you are left wondering - can you push more?

    Deep down the motivation is perhaps always being able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans :)

    Billy has some great advise regarding weights in his post. I personally have never hit the weights hard - but know people who have and his advise works.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I might qualify as a workout junkie. For my age.....probably workout more than 95% of men. Five years ago I was extremely fit. A job change which proved to be a horrible situation led to no workouts and gaining 40 lbs over 3 years. Today, I am in a new job situation and have lost half the weight I put on. Do a total body workout of boxing, weight lifting & running several days a week. 20 more lbs to go, but I will get there. More interested in the big arms & chest muscular look, than looking slim. Take protein and arginine supplements. Good luck on your goals and update us on the progress.

    Think About It

  • unshackled

    with the only breaks being to 30 second breaks between rounds while doing the Heavy Bag

    PSac...the Heavy Bag is great. Have one in my shop and when I don't feel like working out I start on the bag. It gets you going. After sitting in an office all day you can pound your stress out and get the heart pumping. A shot of adrenaline.
  • PSacramento


    I have been doinG MA since 1978 and the one thing that has been the core of my striking workouts through the many systems I have trained in: Kyokushin karate, TKD, Muay Thai, Hung Kuen, Kali, Boxing- has always been the Heavy bag.

    I once put a buddy of mine that does triathalons on the HB with me, he couldn't last 4 rounds, LOL !

    A more full body, aerobic AND anerobic exercise you will NOT find !

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    PSac, I think I gotta check that out...

  • talesin

    Hey, do you guys have any suggestions for making a heavy bag? Can't afford to buy one, but have the space for one in my basement .... would be great for my upper body ...


  • PSacramento

    Most HB you can get are good enough and you can probably get them under 100 bucks.

    I would suggest anyone thinking of taking it up join an boxing or muay thai gym to learn the basics.

    You can make your own from a big, thick canvas bag that you stuff VERY TIGHTLY with rags and duct tape really well, but I am sure that most can find an affordabel one.

    Do try to add kicking and kneeing to the workout to add lower body work and to UP the intensity, nothing gets you huffing and puffing like throwing 3 minutes of kicks, LOL !

  • unshackled
    PSac: nothing gets you huffing and puffing like throwing 3 minutes of kicks, LOL !

    It is amazing how grueling one full round (3 mins) on the heavy bag can be. When I was in better shape I would do that too...time a "round". By the 3rd and 4th rounds I'd be exhausted.

    If that is tiring, can't imagine boxing for real. I've never sparred but would love to try it.

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