My Wedding Photos are. . .

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  • JeffT

    Congratulations and happy anniversary.

    At the time we got married we were in a close knit and friendly congregation. It is sad to look at pictures of old friends that will not speak to us now. I really do hope they are doing well, they've given their lives to a pipe dream.

    My biggest issue with the pictures is the fact that I look about 12 (I was really 23, but Lord that was a long time ago). Oh well.

  • JWinprotest

    What a coincidence. Just this past weekend I was converting my wedding video from VHS to DVD, and unfortunately there is no short cut, you have to make the video play in its entirety to capture the video on your computer. So I ended up watching pretty much the whole thing, and I too had very mixed emotions about the whole ordeal. My wife and I are still very much happily married after 13 years, but it was sad to see all the people I was so close with, now out of my life.

    The whole talk is taped, and it almost made me gag. I didn't realize then how little the talk was about my wife and I and how much of it was a witness to non jws.

    I was also reminded of when the entire dancefloor of about 100 people cleared within 4 seconds when the DJ played YMCA, after being repeadedly told not to prior to the wedding day. I can laugh about it now......not so funny then.

  • straightshooter

    Congratulations on the anniversary. It is so wonderful when you have a supporting spouse.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Happy anniversary LWT!

    I feel the same way about my wedding photos; it was a different chapter of our lives.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Oh boy do I know how you feel.

    Our wedding and reception was all at one location because we had lots of out of town guests. I never wanted to get married in the kingdom hall. We are no longer in contact with 99% of those who attended. I realized how shallow and fleeting relationships are in "the truth" when, one year after I married and moved to New York, NO ONE from my home congregation had called to see how I was doing. I would hear through my family that so and so asked about me. But no one really cared how I was getting along. They'd only call if they wanted to get in for a meal and tour at Bethel. Same thing happened after we left Bethel. Of all the "friends" I'd made, only about 10 stayed in contact with us. And since we've left the religion, we've remained friends with about 5 people who are in Bethel or missionary service, family excepted.

    The JWs are a strange breed. To hell with them.


  • ambersun

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Leavingwt, have a wonderful 10th Anniversary

    I know how you feel about the wedding photos being chock full of JWs. Ours was a KH wedding back in the mid 1970s, but as we moved to different congregations over the years, then stopped going to meetings altogether over 20 years ago we haven't got a clue who many of of the faces on our wedding photos belong to, apart from family and a few friends.

    A lot of the other guests were members of our congregation but could have been total strangers who wandered in off the street as far as we know, we haven't seen them in all these years and just don't recognise them!

    Our lives have changed so much since then, it's like looking at the wedding photos of another couple. Quite surreal.

  • AnnOMaly

    For you, LWT and Mrs. LWT:

    It's a bit too big, but at least there'll be plenty to go around

    A lot of our wedding photos (way longer than 10 years ago!) were in the KH and consisted (almost wholly) of JWs. Many have shuffled off this mortal coil; many we've lost contact with; extended family's now fragmented. Things change. Fond memories of the day, however.

  • mummatron

    Happy Anniversary!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I looked at some of our wedding pics recently. Reminder that we've been married A LONG TIME. Most of the folks in the background are JWs. Most are dead. They were all anticipating the BIG A in 1975. It didn't happen. However, most of them were able to witness the "end" in their lifetime.........or rather, the end OF their lifetime.

  • dontplaceliterature

    Happy Anniversary buddy! We just celebrated our 6th last month. We did not get married at a Kingdom Hall, and desipite being active Jehovah's Witnesses, I am proud to say that there was not one Kingdom Melody played at my wedding! :)

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