I didn't leave town to see Harry Potter's latest.

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  • FadeToGrey

    I dont normally post much at all, but i been thinking I should.

    Well we went to see Harry potter on Sunday just past, was a ripper movie.

    When I was in the Borg, I still went to see what ever movies I wanted.. No one can ever tell me what to watch.

    My older brother allways used to have a dig at me cos i loved star wars. Ohh It is -was so Deimo..Haha stuff him..

    Just go and see what ever you want.

    Life is too short to worrie what other judgemental pricks/people think.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Beren and FHN:


    Dear NC:

    That is too, too FUNNY! Do you have trouble making up your mind? (response) Well, yes and no ...

    Hey Fade:

    Right on ... a ripper movie! I've read all the HP books and seen all the movies (only 2 at the theatre).

    Thanks, friends!



  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    If you go by jw standards theres something wrong with every movie and if all things not jw =destruction no matter how serious they are even tv shows. What does it matter if you watch a witchcraft movie or a movie with two people alone on a date the end product is the same.

    Remember the little drop of poison in the glass of water idea so the only way to follow their rules is to do nothing except go to meetings, field service read their books or the bible and pray and eat dinner, sleep because if you do anything else your responsible because the big terrorist is going to start kiliing people and it will be your fault.

    sounds crazy when you think about it

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