Greg Stafford Takes a Break

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  • koolaid-man

    Richard Rawe interviewed Greg Stafford on his Dialogue program. Scroll down to Feb. 19, 2011

  • minimus

    I was always amazed that this brilliant man supported the Watchtower.

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  • Dagney

    Ok. I just listened to that program. (Yikes! on the six screens!! Phew.)

    I think it was around 2003 I discovered Greg Stafford through the first DB I was on. I was interested in him because he is from my area, otherwise, I don't think I would have invested any time. I don't think I completed any article I started to read by him. No disrespect intended, I'm just not on the same page, not interested in the detail he is interested in.

    However, he became friends with a very close friend of mine, and we all went to a exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls one day. I didn't know what to expect, but was a tiny bit apprehensive he might be tied up with his teachings and I would not care to engage. Well we ended up just having a really great day with no deep theological discussion whatsoever. In the group was an attending JW, a couple of faders, some kids. We just discussed the exhibit and later at dinner with plenty of wine, good discussions of our lives, bound together with the common thread we are bound together here on this DB. I found him sweet, down to earth, and trying to figure out what to do, especially with an equally sweet wife by his side and small children.

    He is very, very bright. He has a conviction not unlike others on this DB who believe what they believe, and think those of us think differently are quite doomed. There is a bit of arrogance that comes with that, not unlike JW arrogance which I was guilty of.

    Just my .02. I have fond memories of that day and of Greg and his wife.

  • Sulla
    I was always amazed that this brilliant man supported the Watchtower

    Oh minimus! Don't you know that the Wt has always given moderately smart guys a sense that they are the smartest guys on the planet? Or was Stafford ever really qualified to hold forth on Greek translation and I didn't know it? We know for sure that he doesn't have very good reading comprehension, right?

    It might be worth some time to review Randy's conversation with/about Stafford:

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