Long Call With Elder: Doesn't Know About "Generations/Overlapping"

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  • cantleave

    When the Watchtower came out discussing the Overlapping generation, I had a discussion with an elder about it. You could literally see the cognitive dissonance kicking in.

    His paradigm had changed and he was trying to reconcile it. He came back a few days later and simply stated " don't forget, many may claim to be annointed but are not, the end is still very close"!

    This is a very intelligent guy, who has had a very successful career and has displayed critical thinking skills. But he doesn't want to face the possibility that 3 generations of his family could be wrong and that he has spent 66 years in a cult.

  • MrDarkKnight

    Cantleave - I empathize with the elder you speak of - I was like him for a longtime. But my bullshit meter pegged out last year and I finally left earlier this year.

    I conducted the the WT for eight years. The generation study is memorable because whenever I asked a question all I heard was crickets. I had to explain the change because no one understood it. I understood it but was shaken to the core because my worst fears were coming to realization - I need to get a real job and provide for my familty BECAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE END IS COMING. I was on my way out at that point but did not know it.

    The change to an overlapping generations, along with the "not everyone who claims to be an anointed person is anointed" comment sealed the deal for me. Time to bounce!!!!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I think yes people have given up on making sense of it. The org is playing mind games using deceptive reasoning and most jws are lost and are just following the leader into crazyland. The org has played so many tricks they don't even know what they believe anymore. Nobody knows where new light begins and ends.

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