Long Call With Elder: Doesn't Know About "Generations/Overlapping"

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  • daringhart13

    I had a call with a good buddy......still an elder the other night.

    When I mentioned Generations/Overlapping.......he had NO CLUE WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT

    Such a good man.......... but it doesn't matter.....they don't even realize what is being said to them; what is being done to them. A high stature elder in their organization....and he had NO CLUE there was another change....

    How the hell does this happen?

    Anyone else with similar experiences?

  • dmouse

    This is because most witnesses are just going through the motions, and are paying little attention to what is actually in the literature.

  • flipper

    I totally believe this DARINGHART ! The dumbing down of the organization also includes the dumbing down of elders as WELL as rank & file publishers. They just kind of go " cruise control " through their own wT literature and I'm quite sure there are a good number of elders who didn't pay attention or even READ the " overlap generation " article themselves !

    I remember when I used to carry microphones years ago in the JW cult- only about 30 % had their WT's pre-studied, the rest just wing it I truly believe. They are all told to trust the GB and alleged " faithful slave " so MUCH that they don't even pay attention to what is said anymore. And THAT is extremely dangerous

  • moshe

    Maybe, he has blocked out the generations new light. I'll bet he would have remembered a month after the WT was studied.

  • shopaholic
  • hoser

    I had a similar conversation with the CO the week after the District Convention. I was talking up the second talk on friday the one about how we know the kingdom is near. It dealt with the overlapping generation extensivly. He didn't seem to have a clue what I was talking about.

    I was wondering if I heard it wrong or he just didn't pay attention to the part. I don't want to go up against a Circuit overseer in a battle of wit.

    I wouldn't want to humiliate him too bad.


  • dozy

    Sad to say , this doesn't surprise me at all. I was speaking to a long standing elder recently who still thought the generation referred to the wicked ones. And this guy gives talks at district conventions. He accused me of spouting apostate ideas , running ahead of the society , when I told him it referred to the anointed. I gave him the references & he later admitted that this was all news to him. "I just leave all this to the faithful slave - they have our best interests at heart" was his view.

    Seriously , most JWs really aren't interested in anything "deep". As a project , ask a JW who has been to the convention and is spouting about how wonderful it was to explain the "new thought" on the toes , as per the invitation that they all distributed. All you will usually get is a blank stare. Most of the scholarly JWs have long since left the building , either died or left. The game is now to dumb down big time - aim for the lowest common denominator.

    I couldn't help but notice the 5 or 6 ministry pictures in the latest Watchtower - all of them have JWs reading out of and offering brochures or books. Only one person even has a bible in their hand (and that is a passive 2nd witness who is following along.) Look at the latest Watchtower article on entertainment , with the helpful boxes with big ticks in them (What..tick.Who...Tick) Look at the main release at the convention - a painfully simplified version of the Enjoy Life brochure that would embarrass an 8 year old with an even more painfully worded "Simplified English" version.

    The focus is on the 2nd / 3rd /4th generation JW whose whole family is in the truth and just gets baptised young , marries young & just gets swept along by the momentum and on the often poorly educated 1st world immigrants and masses of poor 3rd world people in Latin & South America & Africa.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    ask a JW who has been to the convention and is spouting about how wonderful it was to explain the "new thought" on the toes , as per the invitation that they all distributed

    I did that a couple of weeks ago, someone in my congregation had been to one of the the early conventions. She was saying how wonderful the convention was and the "toes" talk showed how really close we are. I asked what was new in the talk but she could not remember exactly but assured me it would be in the Watchtower soon!


  • NewChapter

    He accused me of spouting apostate ideas , running ahead of the society , when I told him it referred to the anointed.

    So TECHNICALLY he was the one spouting apostate ideas! Apostate today, absolute truth tomorrow.


  • Alfred

    Don't get me started... When that April 15, 2010 issue of the Watchtower arrived at my hall, I immediately showed one of the elders the page that revised the generation definition, essentially pointing out that it is now taught to be TWO overlapping generations... His smug response was: "That's a change? I don't see that as a change. It's still one generation." I couldn't believe how incredibly oblivious he was to this... Either that, or his JW defense mechanism activated when he sensed I was being critical of the WT (which I really wasn't at the time)... I then showed it to the elder in charge of the WT Study and when this study article came up in June 2010, he completely skipped the question as he knew I would be picking him apart after the meeting... He's knows something isn't right but he has way too much to lose, so he'd much rather prefer to remain ignorant...

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