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  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Hellenback, welcome to the bunch!

    FS, your brother deserves to have that same bottle of hot sauce stuck up his a$$...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    HELLENBACK - welcome and thanks for the story. My father was 'worldly' and destined for destruction @ A-gddn but my witness mother made sure to beat the living shit out of us kids. Sorry, but this seems to be a pattern....

    In the end, I have a good relationship with my dad and a pretty shit-o-la relationship with my mom... Not surprising...

  • flipper

    HELLENBACK- Nice to have you on the board. I'm so sorry you were beaten as a child by an abusive father. You are among friends here. Hope to hear more from you. Take care

  • Hortensia

    yeah, being a JW kid can really be hell

    I'm glad you're here

    How is your brother?

    Did anyone ever strip your dad, tie his hands and beat him raw with a belt? I hate people who treat little kids like that.

  • Velour

    Welcome to the forum Hellenback. I hope you can find some comfort in sharing your story and recieving support with people who understand Thanks for your post. Look forward to seeing more of ya.

  • sizemik

    Welcome hellenback . . . really nice to have you hear. Thanks for your story. Look forward to hearing your perspective on matters.

  • hellenback

    Thanks all for your kind words . My brother was pretty messed up for years got into drugs and nearly hanged himself at one point. Now don't misunderstand me as Im not blaming all his probs on my dad or the witnesses but they certainly were contributing factors in his probs. What amazes me about witnesses is they obey silly rules but break others ie watching violent or adultish movies, go on the internet and dress provatively and can be materialistic . Or like my father and others cheating on husbands and wives , drinking too much and so on is ok.

    The worst thing for me is the fairweather friends they all are in my experience anyway. This Happened to my siblings and I and we had done nothing wrong.

    I met my closest and most loyal friend when I was 17, 27 years ago and my one regret is that I didnt make him my best man when I married my ex wife because he was considered worldly. Truth is I love him more than any witness or even my fleshly brothers because we grew up together and went through quite a lot but have never let each other down. Although he now lives in spain with his lovely wife and 2 sons we still talk regulary and I visit when I can. I would take his friendship and place it above anyone else and always will.

    Another problem was favouritism when apointing brothers which really is no different to the way promotion is done in worldly co's. The more you kiss ass and appear to be doing work wise the more chance you have of being promoted and has nothing to do with holy spirit guiding and more about face fitting and ass kissing. Something my father was adebt at was due to being intelligent could twist people around his little finger allowing him to get away with his misbehaviour.

    Funny thing is My sis and I saw through most of the bs at a young age but stuck at it through fear of dying at tbhe hands of our loving heavenly father/ creator sickening really.

    I bought a copy of crisis of conscience at was disgusted at the behaviour of those sitting in oversight of jw's and the way they disregarded scripture and make rules that are non scriptural and go against the sayings that we have love among ourselves what a crock ! .

    more soon

  • Diest

    I think I was blissfully ignorant of the abuse that many witnesses perpetuate...I got spanked a few times but nothing bad. Tied up and whipped, hot sauce.....that just makes me so sad.

  • Quarterback

    Helenback...welcome to this website.

    You have seen so much abuse and it is really sad be a victim of such.

    This site has many good freinds that can share their experiences with you, and understand the pain of abuse.

    I wish you the best as you try and obtain some comfort for some of those horrible memories.

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your username is clever! Says a lot in one word.

    So glad you are with us. I hope just telling your story has made you feel better. Sometimes writing helps to arrange our thoughts. We are all survivors, and so can be proud that we are moving forward.

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