After the victory in France, JW's take the streets in celebration.

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  • NomadSoul
  • Gayle

    NomadSoul,,interesting,,will they be counselled about that?,,wonder where that was,,outside at an assembly? they are wearing their badges,,at least they are having some fun.

  • watson

    Wow, the young brother seems to be a real "expressive".

  • NomadSoul

    Gayle, I don't know. Someone sent me this video because they found it funny. I guess it's a local dance.

    Watson, yes he is, very expressive. lol Break it down brother!

  • cantleave

    If you look very carefully, there is some suggestive hip wiggling. Brothers we need to form a Judicial Committee!!!

  • Nobleheart

    Is this in France? The youtube link says it was in Berlin after the International Convention in 2009. It's supposed to be a dance from the Caucasus, Armenia maybe..

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    this draws attention to individuals, is not modest, does not consider others and there are obvious homosexual mating rituals at the end - completely unacceptable for true christians

  • Intel

    Looks pretty much idiotic to me....

    Guy in white shirt and red/orange tie: ready to leave the cult....having to much fun, using the opportunity to let "the pigs out". I can see him ready to post here... 0:33 he even shows real "sexual lust" for that prude pioneer sister in the black skirt....he would really bang her if he could!

    Pioneer Sister in brown/beige:....look at 1:12....she is having regrets....she shouldn't be here dancing, she still has 356 mags to place and there are 139 not at homes that she has to cross....and what about that Bangalore family that can't speak french but desperately need to get baptized in a cult? Shauders running through her spine....I can see it.

    Brother "Lilac-Suit": at 1:42......he has stayed Ministerial Servant for 15 years.....became the "Ministerial-Servant"-Whore-Type of know, the one that has to do all the shitty work that elders don't wanna do, but since he is so "willing" he has to come 1 hour earlier to open up the Kingdom Hall.....he has to direct the service meeting on saturdays, because the elders have to go shopping or do yardwork and this poor fella always willing to go the extra mile.....he is slightly on the edge....and sometimes he has to be counseled because his talks are "rough" and he is sometimes to fanatic about technology and thinks you have to slap your 15 year old son, because he is text messaging and stuff....devil stuff....although he has a problem with drinking.....the elders close their eyes...who would open the Kingdom Hall and do the KH Cleaning duties? If not him.....

  • NomadSoul

    LMAO @ Intel.

    @Nobleheart, this topic is under the humor section. I tried to make a joke along with the video.

  • Nobleheart

    @ NomadSoul. I didn't see it was posted under humour. Got it now.

    Actually dancing and "partying" ways vary to a considerable degree among JWs of different ethnic groups. What would seem quite inappropriate to a JW in i.e. UK or the US, would be normal or even traditional to a JW from Southern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, etc.

    I remember there was a WT article some years back mentioning how a missionary from Germany was shocked/stumbled to see local JWs dance in a 'get together' somewhere in Latin America.

    The WT is surely about control, but they can only suppress cultural traits so much. I've seen several times brothers/sisters express a totally different side than the uptight KH JW in gatherings, attributing it to their different 'expressive' backgrounds. On the other hand, I've seen a few cases of Canadian bro/sisters get counselled for being more expressive than their 'cultural boundaries would impose' at a JW party.

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