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  • inbetween


    Still being in, I had to attend the 3 day DC this year. Well, actually, it was not soooo bad. Some parts were quite interesting, like the explanation of the covenants, the illustrations and Jesus personality. Of course, here and there was the obvious spin of the WTS.

    Sunday afternoon finally came, and I thought by mayself, ok, only the drama, what can go wrong with a biblical drama...well, I was really naiv...here my short summary:


    It was about Joseph, being sold by his brothers to Egypt....actually, no matter if the story is real or a myth, it is a good story, and anyone can draw something valuable from it. There would not be really a need to alter it, or even to add a modern application

    Well, the WTS, writting committee or whoever writes the Dramas thought different.

    After the opnening scene, when Joesph was ridiculed by his brothers, a modern scene was played. A young brother was apparently just filling in an application for aux.pio. was mocked by other witnesses (obviuosly representing the mean brothers of Joseph). They even wanted to invite him to a premiere of a Vampire film (twilight bashing again...)

    (The message: If you do not consider aux.pio. or support others doing it, and to top it of, you go to Twilight movies, you are spiritully weak, almost opposers, enemies of Gods people, treacherous brothers....)

    Well, the young brother stood his ground. scene switches to old times again, Joseph being already in Egypt, and Potiphars wife tries to seduce him etc...

    Modern switch: At school the young brother was approached by an obvious bad girl. She did not succeed in seducing him, so she posted a slanderous story on her webpage about having sex with him on a particular evening.

    While with different scenes the old story with Joseph goes on, he being accused falsely, thrown into prison, being brought before Pharao etc..the modern application was always shown also, but then it became really weird, even shocking !!

    The young brother receiced the typical visit of two elders, because someone informed them about the story the girl posted on her webside. So far so good, but how they proceeded there, was so shocking, I think people around me could hear my jaw drop....

    The elders, instead of merely asking him, wether there is something true on this story, they went not one but many steps further. After he denied any contact with this girl, they asked him for an alibi on that particular evening, when the intercourse according to the story should have happened ! And after he told, were he was, they said, they will check it out and come back to him.....

    The elders acted like Police, not like loving sheperds, who are first and foremost supposed to know their flock and to believe their brothers !!!

    Well the story ends, after showing how Joseph became highly privileged in Egypt, being second after Pharao, as the counterpart, the young brother was invited to say the concluding prayer at a field service meeting....wtf ?????

    It really left an awful aftertaste, in my opinion, the worst drama I can remember at an assembly. Even last years speculating story of the 1st century Christians was better...

  • baltar447

    Yeah, I thought this was strange, what happened to the two witnesses rule?

  • Sapphy

    Yes, they should have been more realistic - the girl wouldn't have posted a particular day they 'did it', the boy really wouldnt have been enjoying a wholesome meal with the CO and wife etc.

    In reality it's guilty until proven innocent, but if the boy denied it, 'officially', they couldnt do anything because you need two witnesses...

    How anyone ever gets disfellowshipped for sex is beyond me. (If you're a good liar & don't get pregnant)

  • CuriousButterfly

    It was odd. One point I had a "what the heck" moment when after his alibi the young man's mother said he was exonerated AFTER the other young girl confessed what the "wordly" girl was up too. When she was confronted by her parents she caved and said she made it all up. I would think that after his alibi......case closed.

  • DesirousOfChange

    How anyone ever gets disfellowshipped for sex is beyond me.

    Boys tend to brag. If they tell about it to two of their "friends" they just provided the two witnesses.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    My wife pointed out to our car group how wrong it was for the elders to suggest an alibi was needed. I said child molesters got off easier.

    Later that night, my wife reconciled the alibi request being necessary because the kid signed on to pioneer, thus needeing to be beyond reproach. Still, it was ridiculous.

  • wobble

    What aspect of a JW's life is not policed by the Stazi/Nazi Elders ?

    The problem with this sort of mind control is that even decent Elders feel guilty if they are seen to be "soft" on "wrongdoers" and the whole org. gets harsher and meaner.

    The R&F roll over and accept this kind of outrageous behaviour and attitude. I see they had to pretend someone else did the spying on the girls FB page or wherever,and then informed them. The R&F see nothing wrong with using a system of informers, the parallels between Cold War Communist regimes and the workings of the WT are amazing.

    "All it takes for evil to prosper is for a good man to do nothing"

  • TDaze

    The R&F

    Sorry, not a native English speaker. What's that?

  • Gayle

    It's ironic, that the WTS states to all JWs not to believe everything on the Internet and then turn around, and make a big deal, confrontation, possible judical committee meeting on what is stated on the Facebook. So contradictory! I so feel sorry for the JW kids.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The R&F

    Sorry, not a native English speaker. What's that?

    Rank and File. It is a reference to the foot soldiers of the Watchtower, as opposed to ranking officers.

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