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  • DarioKehl

    I agree...

    Sunday's drama was most unusual. The writers seemed to go out of their way to demonize "weak youth" within the congregation. As I grew up in DubLand a zealous goodie-goodie, I had my share of rebellious enemies, but none were as vindictive and cruel as to "frame" someone. Ironically, as I continue my fade, I've reestablished contact with many of the "bad" people I was trained to hate on and report. It's been wonderful so far. I've had opportunities to apologize, make amends and share my story of awakening with them. And I've had the chance to even forgive others who "ratted" me out in the past. It's amazing how much everyone, even formerly incompatable personalities, can all get along now that we share a common bond of being stuck inside a powerful and highly controlling sect and escaping from it.

    My favorite drama was Saturday's about that family! There is another post on here (as I've lurked daily for the past few weeks) discussing it in detail. I wanted to comment on it THE DAY I watched it because I was so stunned, but I didn't want to get busted around the group I was with. ANYWAY... It seems that there's a mole in the writing department or something! The way the Dub family was portrayed reminded me of the Stepford Wives! I leaned over and told my brother (who I strongly suspect has mentally faded but is stuck in with wife and kids) that "The only one who makes sense in this skit is the rebellious son and daughter!" They mentioned endosymbiotic theory--a topic I studied very closely as I attained my sinful college degree in the sciences. Does the GB/WBTS not think every doubting person--especially internet-savy young ones--aren't going to run home and Google "endosymbiotic theory?" Hell, they all have iPhones and Blackberries! I'm sure attendees are googling the info from their seats! I SURE DID. As I sat in my seat, I whipped out the smart phone and googled "endosymbiosis" to share with my brother giving him a "whaddya think about that?" look (he already doubts the flood account and laughed heartily when I wrote "OVERLAP!?!?!?" in large letters during the Friday morning talk). Back to Saturday drama topic: The wife, father and that ridiculous portrayal of a tween boy was nauseating. The GB/WBTS must actually think their drones behave and speak that way full time! They seemed like they were zombified! The "balloons in the football field" experiment only solidified how ridiclous it is to take the story of the flood literally and that little brown-nosing brat was just lappin' it up! His carefully placed questions were only there to encite guilt among the audience ("awwwww, he wants his big brother at family bible study night..." as teary-eyed DubMothers fan themselves). And the girl's worldly boyfriend was the one who actually said he heard about JWs by reading things online and told her they're a cult! They used the word CULT. Again, imagine a doubting elder, a jaded servant, new bible study, a troubled teen who hates being there, someone who responded to the invitation campaign, or a contribution box attendant with no one looking over their shoulder hearing that from the stage and thinking, "Really? I wonder what people are saying about us online. Oh wait a sec! I have an Android in my pocket!"

    Other demonstrations throughout the weekend VERY CLEARLY left everyone in attendance with the following subliminal codes:

    GOOD = GB/WBTS, self-sacrifice for the ministry more, more and MORE and not making your parents cry.

    DEFINITELY BAD = the iPad, the internet, independent thinking, college, sports, dating, playing guitar, worldy people, texting, "Twilight," modern music (and hiding it in your dresser because Jah will make sure needy elders move into your room and get you busted!) and of course, any and all faded or inactive Dubs!!!

    It's almost as if WBTS has a mole or they want people to search and start doubting so they can go after "brazen conduct!"


    BTW: out of 6,000 people at the one I attended, 13---yes, only THIRTEEN--people took the plunge in the pool Saturday morning. 4 were children. I had to hide my tears as I ate my water-logged ham sammich.

  • sabastious
    Well the story ends, after showing how Joseph became highly privileged in Egypt, being second after Pharao, as the counterpart, the young brother was invited to say the concluding prayer at a field service meeting....wtf ?????


  • CuriousButterfly
    BTW: out of 6,000 people at the one I attended, 13---yes, only THIRTEEN--people took the plunge in the pool Saturday morning. 4 were children. I had to hide my tears as I ate my water-logged ham sammich.

    We had a little under 5,100 and 17 baptized, mostly looked like minors....and I was eating a ham sandwich too that was soggy. LOL

  • Gayle

    Dario shows baptized at assembly was .2% of attendance and CuriousButterfly' assembly showed .3% of attendance. A good low percentage, not impressive.

    With the combined attendance of those two district assemblies, and if those were in the U.S. considering on an average of 86 pubs per cong (so not counting non-pubs. however), therefore involving possibly 130 congs., and only a total of 30 people baptized, makes about 1 person baptized per 4 congs. Again, not so impressive with all the work they have to do.

  • DarioKehl

    Yes, Gayle

    Even in 2008-2009, the convention I attended in the midwest had ~6,000 but the baptisms were 50-60 people. I've seen other posters on here and all seem to be reporting abyssmal numbers for 2010-2011! I believe YouTube especially is having a profound effect!

  • RagingBull

    All I got from it was... "Joseph, second to Pharoah?...hmmm, I think I'll get into Politics!" hahahahaaaaa

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    It really left an awful aftertaste, in my opinion, the worst drama I can remember at an assembly.

    I'd suggest rinsing your mouth with the alcoholic beverage of your choice. Swich, swallow, repeat. I haven't seen the Saturday drama yet. I'm still trying to recover from the messed up Sunday program.

    Here was my take on the drama:

  • inbetween

    Billy, thanks for the link, didn't see the post.

    Saturday drama, well was actually not soooo bad, but the program had some "valuable" lessons, how to deal with apostates. I recommend that for all of you...

  • TDaze

    Rank and File. It is a reference to the foot soldiers of the Watchtower, as opposed to ranking officers.

    Thank you, that makes sense. We call em the footsoldiers in Dutch.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The drama really showed how the org. on a local level really works. The intention was to make clear that this type of behavior from elders is not only expected but also encouraged and that if you're a widow or an orphan (the kind Jesus and the OT said to protect against this type of behavior) you really should keep an elder as close friend (maybe your mom should screw uncle Jack) or else you will be railroaded by the next Judicial Committee.

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